How to book vaults in Business School?

The vaults are self-booked via Outlook calendar to Business students. 

Students from other departments taking a joint Business course/programme must contact their programme coordinators from the Business School to book the vaults.

How to find rooms accessibility information?

Developed by disabled people for disabled people - AccessAble provides detailed online access guides to a huge range of places that you will want to visit. Their website provides staff and students of Imperial College with detailed access information about the rooms of Imperial College London.

Discover more about the spaces at Imperial College

In keeping with our Disability Equality Scheme the College aims to promote equality of opportunity for disabled people. For further details visit the Equality website.

The College also have a dedicated Disability Advisory Service which provides a variety of support initiatives in order to enable students to access studies and achieve their full potential. For further information about the College's Disability Advisory Service, please visit the Disability Advisory Service website.

How to gain ID cards & Access?

Access to some space is limited by ID Access Card. To arrange additional access, contact the Security Team. 

More information can be found on the Security Webpages

Approval may be required from the steward department via the room booker identified on Imperial College Location Inventory System (ICLIS) .

 For all information about Vaction CAP please click here.