Celcat Timetabler iCalendar Direct (Pull Feed)

View my Timetable in Outlook or on a Mobile Device, available to individuals with a College email address (@imperial.ac.uk).

Timetabler iCalendar enables staff and students to subscribe to the service to receive and view their personal timetable on their mobile device and several third party Calendars (e.g. Google).  When a staff member or student is added to Celcat Client, their College email address is added automatically; enabling the feed to be downloaded.

The link is unique to your timetable only and should not be shared with others.

This calendar appears as an overlay in Outlook, i.e. a separate calendar that can be made viewable or hidden by the user. 

  • Available to both Students and Staff with a College email address (with an email address in their email field on the Celcat record).
  • Changes to timetables are automatically updated by the calendar feed every few minutes.
  • It is personal to the staff or student, showing any events which are linked to the individual by their student or staff name or their association to a group or team.
  • The overlay does not affect the users’ other calendar.
  • The feed can be hidden at any time.
  • Can show the timetable for the whole academic year, or be subject to windows as per department choice. Learn more about timetabling publication windows.
  • The events associated with a" Resource Non-availability" category will not be published on iCalendar.

Retrieve your Timetabler iCalendar Download (Pull Feed) subscription link

You can request your Unique link by either:

  1. Requesting an email containing a link to complete your subscriptionEnter your own @imperial.ac.uk email address only.
  2. View your unique link to your subscription via the Timetabling Dashboard.

If a Staff member or Student had subscribed to iCal (“My timetable”) in the previous academic year and have not removed “My timetable” calendar from their devices, they would not need to re-request the iCalendar subscription email for the new academic year to view their timetable information through iCalendar. However, if “My timetable” calendar has been removed from their devices, they would need to re-request the iCalendar subscription email.