My Imperial is the home for applications that support you with your work or study at Imperial, accessed using your College login. All Staff and Students are automatically enabled to use this application. 

The Timetabling Dashboard sits within My Imperial application and aims to give Staff and Students a view of the specific data we hold about them and their publication set up in an accessible and central location.

Note that if you do not have access to the Timetable Dashboard tile within the application you may not yet have been loaded into the timetabling system Celcat. If you get an error when logging in, using your College username and password, complete Troubleshoot a Timetabling Issue (Raise a Ticket) FORM.


Timetabling Dashboard FAQ

I am both a Staff and a Student...

If you are both a Staff Member and Student in Celcat - the timetabling software (you are receiving a Staff and a Student timetable), you will see both of your records, which might be set up differently according to your requirements.

How do I log in...

Log in using your own college username (without and password

I can use the Dashboard to...

1. Check your own details are correct
2. Check which publication tools you are set up for. Request other options if needed.
3. Find your iCalandar Subscription Link (This link does not work with Chrome)