Here is a list of the projects conducted by people in the group.  A detailed description of the project is available when clicking on the link.

Current projects
NamePeople involved
 Aviation  Roger Teoh, Swapnil Jagtag, Dr Marc Stettler
 Causal Analysis of Public Transportation  Liang Ma, Dr Marc Stettler
Emissions from London buses Napameth Phantawesak, Dr Marc Stettler
Real world emissions at high spatial resolution  Manlika Sukitpaneenit, Dr Marc Stettler
 Managing the Air for Greener Inner Cities (MAGIC) from the group: Clémence Le Cornec, Dr Anna Schroeder, Dr Huw Woodward, Dr Marc Stettler 
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Past projects
NamePeople involved
Air.Car Clémence Le Cornec, Dr Mino Woo, Dr Marc Stettler
 KERS-Urban  Dr Pablo Achurra-Gonzalez, Dr Daniel Ainalis, Dr Marc Stettler
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