Evaluating Instantaneous Emissions and Air Quality Impacts from London Buses

meth2Despite meeting more stringent regulatory standards for exhaust emission during type approval, previous studies have shown that passenger cars, light and heavy duty vehicles still exhibit significantly elevated emissions of NOx under real world driving conditions. With the current Euro VI emission standard set to near zero NOx emission, there is a strong need to develop the exhaust aftertreatment system.

The focus of this study is to evaluate NOx reduction effectiveness of an exhaust aftertreatment system. The study will also identify factors that affect the performance of this system, such as traffic, driver’s behaviour and road geometry. With 9,300 buses in operation and more than two billion passenger trips per year in London, this project has the potential to not only protect the environment, improve health and save lives, but also an opportunity for London to set an example for other cities in the globe.

Research team:

  • Dr Marc Stettler
  • Napameth Phantawesak