Getting Around

The Tube

The TubeThe London Underground (commonly called the Tube) is the most popular method of transport for locals and tourists alike. It is a fast and safe way to travel, and our Accommodation is conveniently located near tube stations, on the Central, Piccadilly, Circle and District lines.

Routes and ticket prices can be found on Transport for London.



The iconic red buses of London are a popular mode of transport, with many routes running 24 hours a day. It's cheaper than the Tube, and lots of buses travel past our Accommodation locations daily, easily connecting you with the rest of the city.

Routes and ticket prices can be found on Transport for London.



London is investing millions of pounds into its cycle infrastructure over the next few years. As well as being a cheap and healthy option, it's often the fastest way to reach your destination! You can hire bikes all over the city or even get foldable ones that you can take on the Tube with you. 



Don't underestimate walking! Most places are accessible by foot, and this is by far your cheapest mode of transport. Many famous sites, landmarks and parks are within walking distance of each other, and you can always join free guided walking tours. 

Our South Kensington Accommodation is close to great London sites including the museums along Exhibition Road, Kensington Palace and Hyde Park.

River Bus

River bus

Did you know you can get around London via the River Thames? Be prepared for a slower and more leisurely scenic route, there are often refreshments and WiFi available (so you can sit back and relax).

It's cheaper if you use your Oyster card on board, and it gives a different perspective on the city.



With 24-hour bus routes and a 24-hour Tube service on the weekends, taxis tend to be more of a luxury than a necessity in London. However if you do find yourself out without a convenient way of getting home, Transport for London offers a minicab service to help you get home. This service can be used in any part of London, 24 hours a day. 

It's also possible to hail one of London's classic black cabs in the street.