Imperial’s Hotel Reservations team is able to organise hotel accommodation for larger groups. As a group accommodation organiser, we can offer a range of services including:

  • Accommodation referrals and recommendations
  • One point of contact, even when booking multiple hotels
  • Negotiate rates, contract and terms on your behalf
  • Organise rooms and chargeable upgrades
  • Organise site visits and show rounds with the hotel

To discuss your requirements, contact a member of the reservations team.

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The Gore classic double bedroom

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We offer central London and airport hotels to suit all budgets, from just £74 per night. During the summer months, we also offer great value guest accommodation at our Halls of Residence in South Kensington, Notting Hill, Paddington and West London.

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A selection of 3 and 4* hotels

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The majority of the accommodation offered is close to the College's main South Kensington campus. However, we also offer a selection of hotels near to our Paddington and White City campuses, along with a selection of Airport hotels.

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Within 15 minutes' walk of the South Kensington campus

Paddington and West London

Within 15 minutes' walk of St Mary's campus, Paddington, or the White City campus


Hotels located at Heathrow Airport