A group of senior investigators are designated supervisors for this programme.  Their research groups, based in either the Faculty of Natural Sciences or the Faculty of Medicine, offer:

  • academic excellence
  • a proven track record of successful PhD completion
  • substantial infrastructure support

These laboratories are likely to have a number of scientists working together as a group, all of whom have experience in directing students and where there is a coherent series of ongoing, linked projects. Students will be working in a highly interactive and supportive environment.

In order to make the allocation of PhD projects as fair as possible, incoming students can only choose supervisors who currently do not already have a PhD student on the programme.  The group leaders who cannot currently be chosen due to having a PhD student are marked with an asterick below. The complete list of supervisors is below:

List of supervisors




Dr Darius Armstrong-James

 Respiratory Fungal Diseases

Professor Charles Bangham

Immune response to persistent virus infections *

Professor Wendy Barclay

Respiratory viruses *

Dr Jake Baum

Malaria *

Professor Hugh Brady

Molecular basis of immune cell development and function

Dr Angela Brueggemann

Infectious Disease Epidemiology *

Professor Martin Buck

Signal perception and propagation in bacteria

Dr Jake Bundy

Microbial metabolomics

Professor Bernadette Byrne

Negative regulation of the immune respsonse

Professor George Christophides

Innate immunity in insect vectors of infectious diseases

Dr Chris Chiu

Respiratory Infection

Dr Fiona Culley

Immunology of the lung – in allergy, infection and neonates

Professor Maggie Dallman

Dysregulation of the immune response *

Professor Anne Dell 

Biopolymer mass spectrometry

Dr Marc Dionne

Innate Immunity

Professor Kurt Drickamer

Sugar-binding receptors in cellular recognition events

Dr Andrew Edwards

Pathogen population diversity, persistence, antibiotic tolerance and resistance.

Professor Alain Filloux

Pseudomonas pathogenesis *

Professor Gad Frankel

Pathogenesis and dissemination of Gram-negative bacteria *

Dr Kleoniki Gounaris

Modulation of host immune responses by Nematode parasites

Professor Angelika Grundling

Cell wall envelope assembly in Gram-positive bacterial pathogens

Dr Nadia Guerra

Immunoreceptors expressed by Natural Killer (NK) cells *

Dr Sophie Helaine

Molecular Bacteriology and Infection

Professor David Holden

Salmonella pathogenesis

Dr Cecilia Johansson

Cross-talk of innate cells in the lung during respiratory infections

Dr Pascale Kropf

Retroviral Immunology

Professor Paul Langford

Bacterial pathogens of the respiratory tract

Prof Clare Lloyd

Immunity in the allergic lung

Dr Cristina Lo Celso

Haematopoietic stem cell response to infection

Dr Goedele Maertens

Interaction between retroviral integrase and the host*

Professor Steve Matthews

Structural biology of pathogen recognition

Professor Myra McClure 

Retroviruses and HIV

Dr Michael McGarvey

Hepatitis C virus

Dr Masahiro Ono

Infection and immunity

Professor Peter Openshaw

Immunology of lung infections *

Professor Peter O'Hare

Molecular mechanisms of virus transmission

Dr James Pease 

Chemokine biology in inflammation and disease

Dr Brian Robertson

Systems microbiology and the biology of tuberculosis

Professor Gloria Rudenko

Genetics of African trypanosome VSGs

Professor David Rueda

Single molecule imaging

Professor Murray Selkirk

Functional genomics of parasitic nematodes

Professor Robin Shattock

Mucosal HIV transmission *

Dr Mike Skinner

Viral vaccine vectors *

Dr Avinash Shenoy

Molecular Microbiology

Professor Shiranee Sriskandan

Gram positive molecular pathogenesis

Dr John Tregoning

Mucosal Infection and Immunity

Dr Ramesh Wigneshweraraj

Gene regulation in bacterial pathogens

Dr Huw Williams

Physiology of bacterial pathogens in relation to chronic infection.

Dr Rob White


Dr Robert Snelgrove

Respiratory Translational Science

Prof Graham Cooke

Infectious Diseases

Dr Margarita Dominguez-Villar

Immunology of Infection

Prof Graham Taylor


Dr Vanessa Sancho-Shimizu

Peadiatric Infectious Disease

Dr Vladimir Pelicic

Molecular Bacteriology and Infection*

Dr Teresa Thurston

Molecular Microbiology

Dr Beth Holder

International Child Health