Hosting a public event

With effect from Thursday 9 December staff not involved in on-campus teaching or research who can work remotely should do so. All non-essential events should be postponed, cancelled or moved online. Should your event or meeting be essential, please contact Campus Services.

This will be reviewed at the end of Janaury 2022.

FAQs for event organisers

What is the process for running events during the Transition and Learn phase?

All in-person/hybrid events are to take place based on a risk assessment. Risk assessments and final capacities in spaces should consider:

o    Ventilation in the space
o    Number of people
o    Duration of event
o    Event format

Risk assessments should be completed by the event lead and signed off by their line manager.

Should I run my event in-person or online?

This will depend on the key aims of your event and which format works best to achieve them. You will also need to consider other activities taking place on Campus or in the building you are using and how they will affect each other.

Many events are still taking place virtually during Term 1 and we would encourage you to consider this option. If you need support or guidance around event planning best practice, please contact the Institutional Events team for a wide variety of professional event planning guidance and advice.

What if I need help completing my risk assessment?

For assistance in the first instance please contact your Faculty or Department Safety Manager or guidance is also available on the College webpages.

How do I find out new venue capacities and when will they be available?

Ventilation assessments are currently being undertaken and should be available this week. For new capacities we recommend contacting Campus Services for venue spaces (e.g. Great Hall, Queen’s Tower Rooms) and your Building Manager for departmental spaces such as lecture theatres.

Please note final event capacities will be dependent on the number of attendees, format, and length of the planned event once the risk assessment has been completed.

Can I still hold receptions/networking events?

We advise a thorough risk assessment is undertaken ahead of proceeding with this event format and appropriate mitigating steps are taken to address the increased risk of transmission presented by people mingling.

As a precaution the Institutional Events team are not currently planning to hold networking or drinks receptions as part of the event programmes we lead this term, due to the higher risk of airborne transmission.

Will I need to wear a face covering?

College staff are expected to wear face coverings indoors on Campus unless medically exempt as per College position outlined on the Safety webpages.

Should my guests wear a face covering?

We strongly encourage our guests to wear face coverings for the duration of their visit. However, if guests choose not to do so that is their personal decision.

What other precautions should I take?

Measures to mitigate risk of transmission should be identified as part of a thorough risk assessment ahead of the event. However, all events should have hand sanitizer available and NHS QR codes, which guests should be encouraged to use. Please see the below point around contact tracing.

Are my guests required to show proof of COVID status?

This will be determined by the risk assessment. For events where risk of transmission is higher – such as networking receptions – this may be appropriate to maintain the safety of your guests and staff. Any such measures or requirements should be clearly stated on the event listing and outlined in all communications to guests.

We recommend that as general best practice guests are asked to kindly take a lateral flow test on the morning of the event they are attending as a precaution, although they would not need to show the result to event organisers on arrival.

Should contact tracing be in place?

Please encourage attendees to check in on arrival using their COVID-19 NHS app and the NHS QR codes on campus. We advise that attendance records are kept for 30 days after the event has taken place.

How will I know if one of my attendees tests positive after the event has taken place?

If any attendee tests positive for COVID-19 in a 14 day window after the event they need to notify the event lead for. This requirement should be made clear on any communications to event attendees and a contact email provided for them to get in touch should they need to.

Event leads should have communications ready to send so that other guests can be notified as soon as possible if this occurs.