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A new destination

Today we find ourselves with a rare opportunity for place-making. The story of White City in West London is defined by constant making and re-making. We are creating an integrated collaborative campus, with embedded corporate, academic and community partners. We are creating a new paradigm to bring the disciplines and sectors together by making places for them to coexist more closely than ever before.

Instead of creating an ‘industrial park’ outside our campus, or a ‘community centre’ to work with the public, we are, in White City, intentionally opening up our campus to blend these groups from the start. Intermingling in buildings, sharing labs, collaborating on research and educating the new generation of researchers.

We are now in a period of rapid change that, on the one hand, is bringing exciting new capabilities to improve human health and society while, on the other hand is creating challenges for the population. We must pursue, with all of our talent, energy and focus, the opportunities to turn scientific discovery into benefit for society. Imperial College London, White City Campus is the place to lead this.

Professor Alice P. Gast
President, Imperial College London

Campus development information

Imperial's White City development milestones

2009    Imperial purchases Woodlands site north of the A40

2012    GradPad Wood Lane Studios opens

2013    Imperial purchases land south of A40

2016    Translation and Innovation Hub (I-HUB) opens

2017    The Invention Rooms opens

2018    Molecular Sciences Research Hub (MSRH) opens

2019    Eighty Eight Wood Lane opens

2020    Sir Michael Uren Hub to open

2020    Scale Space phases 1 and 2 to open

2021    Scale Space phase 3 to open 

2023    School of Public Health to open

Check out the latest drone footage of White City Campus north site

Bird's eye view of White City campus

Check out the latest aerial drone footage of White City Campus north site