Community Science Seed Fund


Community Science Seed Fund


Community Science Seed Fund

Community Science Seed Fund

What is the Community Science Seed Fund?

£2,000 to kick-start your science project

As part of our commitment to working with our neighbours in and around our White City Campus, in 2019 we launched a new Fund to support community-led science, technology and engineering projects. We are offering small grant funding to local residents and community groups who wish to explore and share the wonder of science with their communities.

What are we looking for?

We are looking to support projects which aim to:
• Have a positive and lasting impact in White City
• Increase informal science learning in the local area
• Engage a diverse range of social groups in activities around science
• Extend Imperial’s community engagement initiatives in White City

Applications are now closed for the 2021 Community Science Seed Fund

How to apply

How to apply

The application process, which has been co-designed with local organisations and residents, has been put in place to help you make the most out of the Seed Fund and help the panel understand the impact you are trying to make with your project.


If you would like to complete the application form online please click here 

Please note, you will have to complete the form in one sitting as there is no save draft function. It should take around 10-15 minutes to complete. 


If you would like to submit a video application, please make sure that you have answered all the questions on the Community Seed Fund Application Form (Word).

The selection panel will be using the same criteria to assess both paper and video applications.

Video applications can be sent via email or WhatsApp to Naomi - / +44 (0) 7708 326 342

Please ensure that you include your name and contact details in your email to us.

You may receive a follow-up phone call regarding your video.

Application submission

Application forms can be submitted in the following ways;

• Emailed back to Naomi at
• Dropped off at The Invention Rooms, 68 Wood Lane, White City, London W12 7RH
• Posted to Naomi Bartlett, The Invention Rooms, 68 Wood Lane, White City, London W12 7RH

If you have posted your application or want to drop the form off at The Invention Rooms, please contact Naomi beforehand to make arrangements as we are not open as usual - +44 (0) 7708 362 342 /

One supporting document is allowed per application (no more than one A4 page in length) that provides further information, images, diagrams etc. to help illustrate your proposal.

All application forms and documentation must be submitted by midnight Sunday 20 June 2021.


Before you apply, please check that you meet the following requirements. If you do not, unfortunately your application will not be reviewed by the selection panel.

  1. The applicant must not be a member of Imperial College
  2. The project must have a science/technology/engineering theme
  3. The principal applicant must be a community group or local resident based within a one-mile radius of the White City Campus and the project must take place within this area
  4. Applicants should have a bank account in their name or the group or organisation
  5. If you are applying as an individual or are under 18, you must have a bank account in the name of the group or organisation that will hold the funds for you
  6. The Project must engage local residents
  7. Projects should aim to focus on traditionally underserved communities who are less likely to engage in ‘traditional science’ activities.
  8. We are interested (but not limited to) funding projects which are responding to needs arising from the impact of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns.
  9. Projects must be able to demonstrate plans for delivery both face to face and in lockdown.
  10. Projects must be delivered over the summer 2021 period, between July and October.


Selection panel and criteria

The selection panel will include representatives from the local community and Imperial College London.

Their role is to review all submitted applications against our criteria and provide advice and feedback to both successful and unsuccessful applicants.

Applications will be reviewed by the panel against the following ten criteria:

  • Realistic – does your project have clear aims? Can these realistically be achieved?
  • Innovative – if you currently deliver this project, what’s new about it?
  • Targeted – who is your project aimed at? Why is your project needed?
  • Engaging – how will you reach out to and connect with your audience?
  • Science – is the science learning element clear? How or who will deliver the science element of your project, have you reached out to any partners?
  • Impact – how will your project benefit the local community?
  • Evaluation – how will you measure the success of your project?
  • Sustainability – If the project is successful and well received, what steps will you take to ensure that the project continues?
  • Diversity – does your project seek to engage audiences who are underrepresented in STEM?
  • Covid-19 response – is your project adaptable with the current COVID restrictions or should we go into lockdown? (Projects responding to the impact of COVID-19 will be prioritised)


Applications open

24 May 2021

Advice Session 

01 June 2021 11:00

08 June 2021 18:00

Both sessions will be held on Zoom and the link will be sent out with your booking confirmation. Contact Naomi to get booked onto one. / +44 (0) 7708 326 342

Closing date for applications

Midnight 20 June 2021

Applicants are informed of the Awarding Panel’s decision

From 2 July 2021

Training session for successful applicants (this session is compulsory for all successful applicants) 

05 May 2021 18:00 at The Invention Rooms

Project completed and evaluated (approx.) 

July  – October 2021

Evaluation deadline

30 November 2021

Guidance notes

To help you with your application, we have prepared Community Seed Fund Guidance Notes 2021 (PDF)

Please ensure that you have read through these before submitting your application.

Top tips

  • Read through the Community Seed Fund Guidance Notes 2021 (PDF) before you begin your application to check that your project is eligible
  • Try to attend one of our two advice sessions on 01 June 2021 11:00-12:00 or 08 June 2021 18:00-19:00. Both sessions will be held on Zoom and the link will be sent out with your booking confirmation. Contact Naomi to get booked onto one. - / +44 (0) 7708 326 342
  •  Allow plenty of time to complete your application, think through your main ideas for your project before you start
  •  Check your completed application against the criteria to check that your project fulfils the requirements
  •  Don’t forget to re-read your application before you send it to us, it might be helpful to ask a friend or family member to read it too to check you have made the objectives of your project clear

Next steps

Applications will be considered by an independent selection panel. All applicants will be notified of the panel’s decision from 2 July 2021.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend a training session on 5 July 2021 at 18:00 at The Invention Rooms.

Any questions? Contact us via email or call us on +44 (0) 7708 326 342.