The Children's Forum

Working with the Play Association Hammersmith & Fulham and the White City Adventure Playground, The Children’s forum seeks to encourage and inspire an interest in science through this unique children-led community project.

The recently formed Children’s Forum is a group of children elected by their peers for one year to represent views of children who attend the White City Adventure Playground. They aim to co-design and run several science and making activities alongside the wider play programme. This initiative will encourage children to develop positive experiences around science learning together with their friends and peers, this in turn will lead to increased self-esteem, confidence and a future interest in science.

The Gift of Science

The Gift of Science, founded by local resident Joy Goddard, seeks to explore the science behind mindfulness and whether these tools can help to reduce stress, manage pain and low-level depression and improve well-being. The effects of meditation on brain structure and function have received increasing attention in neuroimaging studies. It is a relatively new discipline within medicine, neuroscience, and psychology.

This eight-week mindfulness programme aimed at White City residents, includes opportunities to socialise, share experience, and use a variety of ways to reflect on, and map changes in mental health and wellbeing. Evidence-based videos will be used to identify key scientific research outcomes with the aim to ignite participant interest, energise mindfulness practice and fuel curiosity around their own brains. The aim is for participants to commit to both home-practice and the sharing of knowledge with family members and friends. 


Super Soils

Working with the Old Oak Community Centre food garden, Super Soils aims to focus on the science behind soil health:

  • What are healthy soils?
  • How can we help to create them?
  • Why are they so important for humans?

Old Oak Community and Children's Centre logoSuper Soils will engage parents and children (under 5) to increase the time they spend in nature and broaden their knowledge of the natural scientific processes that create healthy soils. During weekly sessions they will conduct experiments on home grown fruit and vegetables to calculate the nutrient density. They aim to inspire parents through this interaction with their children, to explore food growing opportunities as well as promote healthy eating, led by local resident Nikita Crocker.


STEM for Change

STEM for Change by Urban Flyers C.I.C. will work with local primary school pupils in White City and Wormholt to provide sessions where children can be creative, have fun and learn more about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Urban Flyers logoThe project aims to enable children to learn the fundamentals of STEM technologies. Using the ‘Tello EDU’ drones, students will be able to let their creativity fly, by making learning fun with a programmable mini drone. The educational drone is designed to get students programming, coding and understanding the physics behind using drones and robots whilst developing their critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills as well as their confidence.

Climate Champions

Climate Champions is being led by Urbanwise London, a local charity that provides outdoor learning about environmental issues in Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham. 

Urbanwise London logoThe Climate Champions aim to empower local children to become climate champions in their school and in their communities, by undertaking a campaign and a series of actions to help address current climate challenges.

The project will engage local children to form an eco-committee to help Miles Coverdale Primary School and the local community to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact. Children will explore the science behind climate change including the causes and impacts of carbon emissions and what actions can we take to reduce our carbon footprint.