The Environmental Science Technology Engineering Entrepreneurship and Maths (ESTEEM) Club was put forward by Urbanwise London, a local charity that offers outdoor learning about environmental issues for young people in North Kensington.

Urbanwise logoThe project will challenge young people from the local area to invent solutions to environmental problems. Working with Imperial scientists, participants will learn how to code and craft windmills and wind turbines, learning about clean technology and developing their skills and confidence. The ESTEEM Club aims to provide participants with life-changing learning experiences to empower them to make a difference in their community. 


Stand Up for the Over 50s

Following on from the success of the LOL-Lab Project in 2018, Stand up for the Over 50s seeks to explore whether laughter really is the best medicine through this unique community-led research project.


Supported by OpenAge, older people will be put through their paces to develop their own comedy routines, with the support of science comedians and a neuroscientist, to explore the impact of comedy on the health and wellbeing of older people.

Stand Up for the Over 50s aims to give older people a voice and an opportunity to develop their confidence. Participants will have the opportunity to perform their routines in front of a live audience at a finale event.


The Who? What? Why? Bus

Put forward by The Playground, a local community theatre, the Who? What? Why? Bus Tour is a unique community bus tour, celebrating the scientific history of the area surrounding our White City Campus.

With celebrated actor and academic Jack Klaff as their tour guide, residents will go on a journey of discovery through their local area, exploring places and figures of scientific and historical interest including the old site of the General Smuts pub, Wormwood Scrubs, and the momentous work of the scientists who have lived in Women’s Pioneer Housing properties. 

Super Scientist Soup: Exploring Stem with Bubble & Squeak

Bubble & Squeak is a groundbreaking kid-run social enterprise based on East Acton Estate which brings the community together using surplus food. Local children organise an amazing variety of activities from running a weekly surplus food stall and hosting intergenerational community events to running a community garden and collaborating with a variety of partners.

Super Scientist Soup is an innovative project for 5–12 year olds to explore STEM while fighting food waste.

Children will learn how to code and build their own food calculator to measure and weigh the food they rescue. Supported by Imperial scientists, children will explore the biology and chemistry behind the food they eat. Who said you can’t play with your food?


 Science at the Travellers Mini-Club

Working with our neighbouring travelling community, in collaboration with the Westway Trust, this project aims to engage traveller children with fun, hands-on science experiments on the Stable Way site. This project was sparked by a direct request from young travellers passionate about making and creating and keen to explore how making can bring science to life.


The five-week project, led by Sphere Science, aims to encourage a positive attitude towards science among the young traveller community, opening the world of science up to the children and raising aspirations from an early age. Science at the Travellers Mini-Club involves educational science workshops and will provide an opportunity for the children to showcase their learning to the rest of their community.