Reflections from members of our White City community. This month's spotlight is with Alex Gibbs, Operations Manager, I-X. 
What is your role at White City? 
I’m the Operations Manager at I-X, a new cross-faculty College initiative bringing together research, education and enterprise activity around AI and machine learning. Imperial has world class people focusing on AI and it’s fascinating to see AI research addressing all aspects of life. 
We’ve recently moved into Level 5 of the I-HUB and will be growing and moving into Level 6 next year. 
What do you enjoy about working at White City? 
White City feels really modern and buzzy. I’ve enjoyed working with new people from Imperial that I wouldn’t have met at South Kensington and also meeting people from companies based at the I-HUB and Scale Space in meetings and events, it’s great to feel part of a bigger community. And these last few weeks, the air-con! 
What are the main work challenges for you at the moment? 
We are in a start-up phase still so working hard to get everything up and running. It’s exciting and demanding – one minute I’m replacing water cooler bottles and the next I’m trying to get a big government bid submitted on time! 
What is one thing that you have learned in the last month? 
For me each month since I started working at White City in May I’ve learned more about the vision for the campus and the possibilities of bringing people together from Imperial and from industry to see what collaborations could evolve, that’s exactly what we’re about at I-X too so it feels like exactly the right place for us to be. 
On a smaller note I was so happy to discover the Japan Centre’s shop in Westfield a couple of weeks ago so I can have sushi for lunch!