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Wilton-Ely J, 2006, Dinuclear ruthenium and osmium compounds with metal-metal bonds, Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry III, Editor(s): Crabtree, Mingos, Elsevier, Pages:647-716, ISBN:978-0080445908

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AB - The diiron vinyliminium compounds [Fe2{μ-η1:η3-C(R2)=C(H)C=N(Me)R1}(μ-CO)(CO)(Cp)2]OSO2CF3 (R1=Xyl=2,6-C6H3Me2, R2=Me; R1=Me, R2=CO2Me) provide a versatile entry point for many subsequent transformations, such as their reaction with carbon disulfide to provide zwitterionic dithiocarboxylate products. These compounds react with the coordinatively-unsaturated ruthenium vinyl precursors [Ru(CH=CHR3)Cl(CO)(PPh3)2] (R3=C6H4Me-4, 1-Pyrenyl) to yield heterotrimetallic Fe2Ru compounds, exhibiting vinyl moieties at both iron and ruthenium centres. The emission associated with the pyrenyl unit is enhanced in the diiron vinyliminium ruthenium pyrenyl complex compared to the diethyldithiocarbamate analogue.
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