Our group offers a wide range of laboratory equipment. If you would like to collaborate with our group in using these equipment, please get in touch.

General Laboratory Equipment

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1. UVP CX-2000 Ultraviolet Crosslinker (Fisher Scientific)

UV Crosslinker

Product Datasheet for UVP CX-2000

2. ES Series Combination Lab Refrigerator/Freezer (Thermo Scientific 263C-AEV-TS)


Product Datasheet for 263C-AEV-TS

3. Mini Microcentrifuge (Corning 6770)


Product Datasheet for Corning 6770

4. Pioneer PX 323/E Precision Balance (Ohaus 30429812)


Product Datasheet for Pioneer PX 323

5. Vortex Mixer (Fisherbrand)

Vortex mixer

Product Datasheet for Vortex Mixer

6. Hot Plate Stirrer, Ambient to 540°C, Ceramic (Fisherbrand Isotemp)

Hot plate

Product Datasheet for hot plate

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1. Quantel Q-Smart 850 Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser (1064 nm (1st harmonic), 532 nm (2nd harmonic), 355 nm (3rd harmonic), 5 ns, 430 mJ) with Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM)  



Product Datasheet for Quantel Q-Smart 850
2. FOBA V.0020-uv Pulsed Nd:YVO4 laser marking laser (20 ns, 355 nm)  



Product Datasheet for FOBA V.0020-uv

3. Collimated laser diode modules (Thorlabs)

405nm, 4.5mW (CPS405)

450nm, 4.5 mW (CPS450)

520nm, 4.5mW (CPS520, Elliptical Beam)

532nm, 4.5mW (CPS532)

635nm, 4.5mW (CPS635F, Focus adjustable)

670nm, 4.5mW (CPS670F, Focus adjustable)

Laser system

Product Datasheet for CPS405

Product Datasheet for CPS450

Product Datasheet for CPS520

Product Datasheet for CPS532

Product Datasheet for CPS635F

Product Datasheet for CPS670F

4. Laser Fume Extractor, 230v 50Hz (AD Access, BOFA)

 Fume extractor

Product Datasheet for AD Access

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Halogen and LED Sources

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1. Visible Near-Infrared Light Source, HL-2000-HP-FHSA (20W)  (Ocean Optics)  Light source Product Datasheet for Visible Near-Infrared Light Source

2. 6200 K, 21.5 mW (Min) Fiber-Coupled LED, 1000 mA, SMA (Thorlabs, MCWHF2)

3. T-Cube LED Driver, 1200 mA Max Drive Current (Thorlabs, LEDD1B)

LED system

Product Datasheet for MCWHF2

Product Datasheet for LEDD1B

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1. FLAME-S-VIS-NIR-ES Spectrometer Assembly (350-1000nm) (Ocean Insight)



Product Datasheet for FLAME-S-VIS-NIR-ES
2. STS-VIS-L-10-400-SMA microspectrometer (350-800 nm) (Ocean Insight)
 Miniaturised spectrometer

Product Datasheet for STS-VIS-L-10-400-SMA
3. Cuvette holder CUV-UV (Ocean Optics) Cuvette Holder Product Datasheet for cuvette holder
4. Ø1" Motorized Precision Rotation Stage (Metric) Bundled with DC Servo Motor Driver and Power Supply (KPRM1E/M, Thorlabs) Motorized stage Product Datasheet for KPRM1E/M
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Fibre Optics

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1. Reflection Probe (R400-7-UV-VIS, Ocean Insight) Reflection probe Product Datasheet for R400-7-UV-VIS

2. 1x2 Multimode Fiber Optic Coupler, High OH, Ø50 µm Core, 0.22 NA, 50:50 Split, SMA905 (TM50R5S1A, Thorlabs)

 Optical fibre system Product Datasheet for TM50R5S1A

3. 400 um Premium Bifurcated Fiber, VIS/NIR, 2 m (QBIF400-VIS-NIR, Ocean Insight)

Bifurcated fibre Product Datasheet for QBIF400-VIS-NIR

4. 600 um Premium Fiber, VIS/NIR, 1 m (QP600-1-VIS-NIR, Ocean Insight)

 Optical fibre Product Datasheet for QP600-1-VIS-NIR
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Sensors and Detection

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1. pH meter (FiveEasy F20, Mettler Toledo)  pH meter

oduct Datasheet for pH meter
2. Varioskan LUX Multimode Microplate Reader (ThermoFisher) Microplate reader Product Datasheet for Varioskan
3. Indiko™ Plus Clinical Chemistry Analyzer (ThermoFisher) Indiko Product Datasheet for Indiko

4. Power and Energy Meter Interface with USB Operation (Thorlabs, PM100USB)

Silicon Power Head, 200-1100nm, 50mW (Thorlabs, S120VC)

Optical powermeter

Product Datasheet for PM100USB

Product Datasheet for S120VC

5. Bellingham + Stanley Abbe 5 Refractometer


Product Datasheet for Refractometer

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 1. Spincoater (WS-650Mz-23NPPB, Laurell)  
 Product Datasheet for Spincoater
 2. Plasma Etcher (Zepto, Deiner)  
 Product Datasheet for Plasma Etcher
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EquipmentImageData Sheet

1. α7 II E-mount Camera with Full Frame Sensor (35 mm 35.8 x 23.9mm) 24.3MP (Sony)

Lens FE 28-70 mm F3.5-5.6 OSS (Sony)

 Digital camera

Product Datasheet for α7 II

Product Datasheet for FE 28-70 mm

2. Leica DM2700 P Upright Microscope for Polarisation  


Product Datasheet for Leica DM2700 P
3. Nikon Ts2R Inverted Fluorecence Microscope Nikon Product Datasheet for Nikon Ts2R
4. IR Camera (FLIR ONE)  Thermal Camera  Product Datasheet for Flir One
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1. Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit (NVidia)

AI developer kit

Product Datasheet for Jetson

2. SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-I Card - 1TB (Sandisk)

Flash disc

Product Datasheet for SanDisk Extreme PRO

3. 970 EVO Plus 1TB M.2 SSD (Samsung)  Flash disc Product Datasheet for 970 EVO Plus
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