Water bubblesResearchers are taking a systems approach to ensure that we use water and produce food and energy in a sustainable way. As well as material resources we need to manage our energy and water resources better, and address the economic and environmental costs of wasted resources.

Water management

Dr Ana Mijic from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and her colleagues are working on the development of novel approaches to systems analysis of water management. Her research will inform regulators and industry about the role and value of people, cities, natural capital and technological innovations in defining water security and sustainable development under future uncertainties. Dr Mijic is one of the lead researchers on Community Water Management for a Liveable London (CAMELLIA), a £5m grant from the Natural Environment Research Council. As part of a NERC-funded Innovation Academic Placement, Dr Mijic has produced a report in collaboration with the Environment Agency and the Royal Academy of Engineering on A systems-based approach to catchment water management. 

In 2020, Dr Mijic led The Forum’s workshop on the water management and flooding. Researchers from across College had discussions with partners from government and other stakeholders to address many of the issues associated with water management and flooding.