Bright lines travelling over a roof top at duskIn order to avoid the unintended consequences caused by focussing on problems individually instead of considering the wider landscape, this theme links all the other pillars of research in the initiative. By taking a holistic view of the issues of global pollution we will find solutions to address this major societal challenge.  We have highlighted some of our research using a systems approach below.

There is a wealth of research being undertaken at the College using a systems perspective, you can find out more on the systems research at Imperial website.

Energy systems

The Integrated Development of Low-Carbon Energy Systems (IDLES) programme, hosted by Energy Futures Lab, brings together researchers from across Imperial College to provide the evidence needed to facilitate a cost-effective and secure transition to a low-carbon future. This 5-year, EPSRC-funded programme centres on whole-energy systems analysis; aiming to create a modelling tool that can better coordinate the complex interactions within the energy domain and indicate optimal forms of future, integrated, energy systems to policy makers. Using this approach to plan the UK’s future energy system has the potential to enable large cost savings in providing decarbonised energy, to ensure security of supply and compliance with emissions targets.

Water management

Dr Ana Mijic from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and her colleagues are working on the development of novel approaches to systems analysis of water management. Her research will inform regulators and industry about the role and value of people, cities, natural capital and technological innovations in defining water security and sustainable development under future uncertainties. Dr Mijic is one of the lead researchers on Community Water Management for a Liveable London (CAMELLIA), a £5m grant from the Natural Environment Research Council.

Dr Mijic recently led The Forum’s workshop on the water management and flooding. Researchers from across College had discussions with partners from government and other stakeholders to address many of the issues associated with water management and flooding.