The National Student Survey (NSS) is an annual survey of final year undergraduates at UK Higher and Further Education Institutions. It gives students the opportunity to comment on all aspects of their experience at the College and the results are widely published and used by future students to make choices and by universities to improve the student experience. The survey is conducted by Ipsos Mori and is managed by the Office for Students. 

The survey asks respondents to rate the extent to which they agree with a 27 statements grouped into 9 subject areas such as teaching on their course, the support they received from staff members and the resources they were given to support their learning. Students are also able to highlight any particular positive or negative aspects on their student experience. For more details on the survey please visit the Office for Students website.

Please note that the 2020 results shown here for the School of Medicine differ to that published by the Office for Students. This is because the Medical Biosciences BSc results are combined with the Medicine MBBS results in the Office for Students’ data to produce one aggregated set of scores. We have disaggregated that data to show the results of the programmes individually, in line with previous years’ results.

NSS chart

In 2021 the Overall Satisfaction measure for the College was at 84%. Satisfaction increased in seven question categories compared to the previous year, in Teaching; Learning Opportunities; Assessment and Feedback; Academic Support; Organisation and Management; Learning Community; and Students’ Union. At department level Overall Satisfaction increased in eleven departments, with the largest increases being in Medical Biosciences and Chemistry.