MRes students work on their research project throughout the year.  You must discuss possible projects with your potential supervisor before making your MRes application to ensure that there is a suitable project available for you. 

Examples of potential projects for 2020-21 are shown below, but please note: this page is being updated so other projects may become available and some of the listed projects may already have been taken up.  You may also discuss your own, alternative project with your potential supervisors.  Some of the MRes projects from previous years are also shown here, for information.

MRes projects

Sample projects: 2020-21

Some examples of potential projects are listed below. Please contact your proposed supervisor BEFORE MAKING YOUR APPLICATION, to discuss any of these, or an alternative project.

Anil Bharath Physics Driven Machine-Learning
  Graph Convolution Networks: Finding the right architecture to predict the behaviour of physical systems
James Choi Seeing Sound - A Biomedical Technology to Visualise and Characterise Sound
Aldo Faisal Cybathlon: FES Bike using machine learning for closed-loop stimulus optimisation
  Deep learning representations of sensorimotor control from ethomics data
  Closed-Loop Bayesian Optimisation for FES cycling
  Deep Gaze Intention Decoding with Task-Intelligence for Human-Robot Interaction
  Ego-SLAM; Ego-centric video based semantic mapping of human visual attention
  Autonomous wheelchair project (Toyota Mobility Foundation)
  Machine learning for automatic determination of human motor skills
  Haptic SLAM for Human and Robot object manipulation
  3rd Thumb Project: Use of supernumerary robotics in skilled tasks
Dario Farina CYBATHLON 2020 - Power Arm Prosthesis Race
  CYBATHLON 2020 - Powered-Exoskeleton Race
  Machine Learning in virtual surgical training environments
  Intelligent Assistants to Enhance Learning on VR Minimally Invasive Surgery Simulators
Christopher Rowlands A new way to simulate optical systems
  Analyzing hyperspectral oncological images using neural networks
  Towards a Raman-Activated Cell Sorting system for cancer screening
  Drugs on Demand - towards an automated synthesis platform
  Super-Illusions: Tricking neural networks for microscopy
  Speedy Spectroscopy - investigating new ways to speed up vibrational spectroscopy
  Virtually Microscopic - building a virtual-reality interface to complex microscopic data
  World's Fastest Video Camera
  A New Head Mounted Display Concept: Virtual Reality in a Pair of Sunglasses
  Sight Beyond Sight: overcoming the diffraction limit
  Building a next-generation scanning microscope
Gregory Scott, Ines Violante Classification of EEG responses to multi-dimensional transcranial electrical stimulation
MRes Neuro projects available for 2020-21

Projects from previous years

Some of the MRes projects from previous years are shown here, for information only.

Supervisor(s)Project title
Claudia Clopath, Andrei Kozlov Development of long-range connections in auditory cortex
Martyn Boutelle, Pantelis Georgiou, Mark Wilson Neurochemical CMOS array – bedside assay of ionic and inflammatory marker from the human brain
Dario Farina, Etienne Burdet, Emmanuel Drakakis, Patrick Kaifosh (Cognescent) Surface Electromyography for Brain-Machine Interface Applications
Ravi Vaidyanathan, Alison McGregor, Hildur Einarsdóttir (Ossur), Ásgeir Alexandersson (Ossur) Sensory Motor Interface for Lower Extremity Robots (SMILER)
Dario Farina, Paul Bentley A clinically-viable brain-computer interface for inducing neuroplasticity for stroke rehabilitation
Nir Grossman, Bill Wisden, Paul Matthews Development of non-invasive deep brain stimulation technology
Adam Hampshire, Aldo Faisal, Rob Leech, Gregory Scott Whole-brain dynamics and higher cognitive processing in disorders of consciousness
Tobias Reichenbach, Etienne Burdet Engineering tactile signals to aid hearing in noisy background
Chris Rowlands, Paul Chadderton 3D-resolved optogenetic excitation using time-averaged speckle patterns
David Sharp, Nir Grossman, Adam Hampshire, Peter Hellyer Closed-loop, personalized brain stimulation intervention for impairment of cognitive control
Mengxing Tang, Mike Warner, Matthew Williams 3D ultrasound computed tomography of the brain
Simon Schultz, Mauricio Barahona Analysis of calcium signals recorded endoscopically from the rodent brain
Mengxing Tang, Mike Warner Ultrasound technologies for brain imaging and therapy
Simon Schultz, Amanda Foust Ensemble coding models in the LGN: an asymmetry between ON and OFF?
Emmanuel Drakakis, Dario Farina Modular Reconfigurable Low-Power Stimulators