Academic Staff

Academic staff

Benjamin D Almquist

Nanobiotechnology, Drug Delivery, Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering
Au Sam Au
Microfluidics & Cellular Biomechanics
  Pedro Ballester
Artificial intelligence for healthcare
Neal K Bangerter
Magnetic Resonance Physics  
bharath Anil A Bharath
Biologically Inspired Computation & Inference
boutelle Martyn G Boutelle
Traumatic brain injury, microdialysis, microfluidics
 bull Anthony M J Bull
Musculoskeletal biomechanics (blast, joint, sports)
burdet Etienne Burdet
Human robotics
Celiz Adam Celiz
Biomaterials for tissue repair and regeneration
choi James Choi
Noninvasive Surgery and Biopsy using Ultrasound
clopath Claudia Clopath
Computational Neuroscience
 armando Armando Del Rio Hernandez
Cellular and molecular mechanotransduction
manos Emmanuel M. Drakakis
Circuits and systems for and from biology
Ellis Tom Ellis
Synthetic biology
faisal Aldo Faisal
Neurotechnology: from cells to behaviour
farina Dario Farina
Motor control and Biomedical signal processing
Michael Fertleman
Ageing and Perioperative Geriatric Medicine
Dr Amanda Foust Amanda Foust
Portrait of Dr Juan Alvaro Gallego Juan Alvaro Gallego
Movement neuroscience and neuroprosthetics
Rylie Green
Polymer bioelectronics  
Guder  Firat Güder
Sensors, actuators and integrated systems
Hashemi Parry Hashemi
In vivo neurotransmitter sensors
higgins Claire Higgins
Tissue development, regeneration, and wound repair
Jun Ishihara Jun Ishihara
Immuno-engineering for drug discovery
Kedgley Angela Kedgley
Orthopaedic biomechanics
kitney Richard I Kitney
Synthetic biology
Koslov Andrei Kozlov
Auditory Neuroscience and Biophysics
Krapp Holger G Krapp
Systems neuroscience in insects
Labonte David Labonte
Evolutionary biomechanics and advanced biological materials
Ladame Sylvain Ladame
Molecular biosensors and sensors for disease diagnosis
Ledesma-Amaro Rodrigo Ledesma-Amaro
Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering
Lee Chiu Fan Lee
Self-organisation and pattern formation in biology
Lin Huai-Ti Lin
Neuromechanics and Bio-Inspired Technologies
Linton  Nick Linton
General cardiology, heart rhythm disorders
Masouros Spyros Masouros
Injury biomechanics
MOORE James Moore Jr
Cardiovascular, lymphatic biomechanics and devices
Nakayama Naomi Nakayama
Biological form and function
Dr Nic Newell  Nicolas Newell
Spine biomechanics
O'hare Danny O'Hare
Sensor systems and microfluidics
Ouldridge Tom Ouldridge
Biomolecular systems
Overby Darryl Overby
Mechanics and mechanobiology of cells and tissues
Periklis Pantazis
Capturing the dynamics and development of disease through cutting-edge live imaging
Kim Parker Kim Parker
Physiological mechanics in the cardiovascular system
ROWLANDS Chris Rowlands
Optical engineering and biophotonics
Victoria Salem Victoria Salem
In vivo imaging, mouse models and integrative physiology
Schultz  Simon R Schultz
Neural coding, multiphoton brain imaging
Stan  Guy-Bart Stan
Design, analysis, optimisation and control of nonlinear networks in synthetic biology
Claire Stanley Claire Stanley
Organ-on-a-Chip technology
 Stevens Molly Stevens
Stem cells, bioactive scaffolds, and tissue regeneration
Reiko Tanaka
Computational systems biology and medicine
Tang  Mengxing Tang
Ultrasound imaging and image analysis
Sherwood Joseph van Batenburg-Sherwood
Biofluid mechanics
Julien Vermot Julien Vermot
Development bio-mechanochemical signalling
weinberg  Peter D Weinberg
Cardiovascular biomechanics
Hwai Choon Hwai Yap
Cardiovascular Biomechanics and Devices

Research fellows

Nuria Oliva Jorge Nuria Oliva Jorge
Imperial College Research Fellow

Biologically-active materials to understand and treat disease
 Portrait of Dr Majid Taghavi Majid Taghavi
Research Fellow
Multifunctional transducers for soft robots
Sophie V. Morse
Imperial College Research Fellow 
Stimulating cells with ultrasound therapy

Academic teaching staff

Holloway Martin Holloway
Academic Tutor
Macdonald Warren Macdonald 
Senior Teaching Fellow
Radcliffe Ian Radcliffe
Senior Teaching Fellow in Design Engineering
Maria Parkes


Maria Parkes
Senior Strategic Teaching Fellow


Faraz Janan
Senior Tutor and Senior Teaching Fellow

Honorary staff

Hippolite Amadi Visiting Professor
Elaine Bignell Visiting Reader
Jon Breeze Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
James Calder Visiting Professor
Simona Avramova-Cholakova Honorary Lecturer
Jonathan Clasper Visiting Professor
Pierluigi Cuomo Honorary Senior Lecturer
Robert J Dickinson Honorary Senior Lecturer
Michael Fertleman Visiting Professor
Iain Gibb Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Claire Hardiman Honorary Senior Lecturer
Nelofur Hayat Honorary Lecturer
Peter Mahoney Visiting Professor 
Joshua Mason Honorary Lecturer
Neva Hiten Patel Honorary Lecturer
Laura Perry Honorary Lecturer
Rebecca Quest Honorary Senior Lecturer
Arul Ramasamy Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
Michael Rampling Honorary Senior Lecturer
Peter Reilly Visiting Reader
Caroline Renaud Honorary Lecturer
Robert Schroter Emeritus Professor
Joely Smith Honorary Lecturer
Jennifer Tweedy Honorary Senior Lecturer
David Woodward Emeritus Professor
Chloe Bowen Honorary Lecturer