Imperial College London

Not 'IC', 'ICL', 'Imperial College', 'The Imperial College' or 'Imperial College, London'.

Always use 'Imperial College London' the first time you refer to the College in a piece of writing. Thereafter, our name can be shortened to 'Imperial' or 'the College'.


Imperial is comprised of three faculties and Imperial College Business School. Within faculties, there are departments, schools, institutes and centres. When using these words as part of a title or to refer to a particular unit, capitalise the first letter. Elsewhere, do not capitalise.

 For example:

  • The Faculty of Engineering at Imperial College London supports world class research across the full range of engineering disciplines. Academics from the Faculty frequently collaborate with colleagues from other faculties at the College.
  • The Head of the Department of Chemistry is responsible for all areas of departmental business.
  • The National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI) carries out research, development and education in cardiovascular and respiratory science.


Imperial has nine campuses. When referring to a specific campus, the first letter of each word should be capitalised, including ‘Campus’. Elsewhere, sentence case should be used.

For example:

  • Most undergraduate and postgraduate activity at Imperial takes place at the South Kensington Campus, but students can travel easily to our campuses in West London using the Campus Shuttle Bus.

Please note: Imperial’s new campus at White City is called White City Campus. It should not be referred to as ‘Imperial West’.

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