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Diana Anderson

Campus Administrator-Silwood Park Campus
From Silwood to Star Wars via the Centenary staff party.

Town CrierThe lure of free transport ensured that a full coach load of Silwoodians set off for the Staff Party on Wednesday 11th July. There were academics, post docs, technicians and support staff from the Biology Division, a strong contingent from the Reactor Centre and the whole Estates team. On arrival at the Tanaka Centre we were delighted to be greeted by a Town Crier as well as Paddy Jackman resplendent as an Edwardian cricketer.
Photo right: Town Crier

Needless to say, after the journey we made a beeline for the Pimms and Champagne bars in Dalby courts and with glasses in both hands established ourselves outside the Faculty building. The Wye contingent soon found us as well as friends from other Faculties and as much as we would have liked to loiter it was time to sample other delights.

Can we have these in the Ladies please?First stop was the barbecue in Princes Gardens and although the queue was rather long we were regaled with music and snacks to keep us going. The food and drink were excellent and we were all glad that we had purchased additional tokens to keep us going throughout the afternoon and evening. After the food and some great music it was time to head for the funfair and a ride on the carousel. I was particularly taken with the mirrors that made us all look tall and slim – can we have them installed in the Ladies please?
Photo left: The mirrors that make you look tall and slim.

A very welcome cream tea in the marquee gave us the opportunity to rest our feet and catch up with other friends – everywhere people were smiling and laughing and glad to be part of such a special event.

Fake ThatThen back to Princes Gardens and ‘Fake That’ who got everyone clapping and jumping up and down, as well as some very enthusiastic dancing in front of the stage – much better than an aerobics class! Was that a Star Wars Trooper up on the stage? Where was Darth Vader? No worry, it was Paddy having as much fun as we were.
Photo right: Fake That

Darth VaderIt really was a special day which brought together people from all the different campuses and made us feel that we belonged to one large and happy family. So many people did so much to make sure that we had a good day - why wait another hundred years, can’t we have a big get-together every other year?!
Photo right: Paddy Jackman dressed as Darth Vader

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