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John Lamerton

shares his thoughts on possibly being part of the first father and son to attend Imperial

I am already in the centenary memories section of the website as result of your photo of Theodora Bamber (as we then knew her). In her story, which you can read by clicking this link, I am in the first photo; Theodora’s left hand is pointing down at me.

One of my memories from my time at Imperial is of Miss Sherfield (we called her Sherry, but not to her face). She ruled strictly, but fairly so far as I and others (as male students) were concerned. The Sherfield Building is now named after her, and rightly too!

My other memories include living as a student in the lodgings as 50 Holland Park. It was run by Mr Lowry (Secretary for Imperial College) and his wife.

Lowry boat, John Lamerton number three)Here is a photo of myself as number three of the Lowry boat, the second crew for the Royal College of Science in the competition for the Morphy cup. The stroke is Frank Moriarty, but I cannot remember all the others.
Photo left: The Lowry boat with John Lamerton as number three.

My father was also a student at Imperial and I have often thought whether this would have been the first occurrence of a father and son at Imperial College.

City and Guilds hockey team. Henry Lamerton, CaptainThis photo is of my father Henry (Harry) Lamerton when he was captain of the City and Guilds hockey team. This is some time after the First World War when he got a scholarship from the forces. Photo right: City and Guilds hockey team. Henry Lamerton, Captain.

In January 1989 my Mother received a letter from the College Archivist showing that my father was more than just a sportsman.

The text of the letter reads:

I am sure you will be pleased to know that your husband’s excellent notebooks have arrived safely. We shall indeed be pleased to house such excellent models of clarity in our archives so that future generations can see how good the work done by your husband at that time in College was.

Prince Consort Road is not much changed in the north, except that the Beit Quadrangle has been competed since your time, with the originally intended top storey. The tennis courts have indeed gone, but I am happy to say it has not been replaced with a car park! I am sure the enclosed pictorial history (which comes with our compliments and our thanks for your kindness) will bring back memories of the College.

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