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Pimlico Connection

Some alumni share their memories of being involved in the Pimlico Connection initiative during their time at Imperial College London.

Pimlico during the 1970s

Stephen Clarke

Participated in Pimlico during 1980-1981

“I felt I was doing a useful job in the school - the teacher was kept busy, managing a large class and the pupils seemed to appreciate the extra help which a tutor could offer.”

Steven McCormack

Participated in Pimlico during 1991-1993

“It was a wonderful experience. I particularly enjoyed our visits to the Science Museum. It was also the first time that I remember feeling like a role model to somebody. Up to that point, I had always looked up to people myself, but here I was a figure of what these children could aspire to be. They could identify with us a lot more than they could with their teachers, and often would ask questions about what university life was like. I will never forget one young student who told me that had never been outside of London and had never been on holiday. He asked me if he could spend Christmas with my family in Liverpool. Obviously this was impossible, but I will never forget his sincerity and hope that somehow, even in a small way, that my time with him inspired him to look outside of his locale and think about other opportunities. Thank you for the opportunity that I had and I wish the Pimlico Connection much success.”

Peter Walker
Civil Engineering

Participated in Pimlico in 1976

“I was a member of the group that tutored at Pimlico Comprehensive. During a particularly riotous physics class, the afternoon’s instructions – being written in chalk on the blackboard – vanished, when a water filled balloon, skillfully launched by an enthusiastic youngster, met its target. After that everything was guesswork!”

Jill Shacklock

Participated in Pimlico during 1982-1983

“I assisted with general science at Holland Park School. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, although it was very brief and would have liked to have done more. I can't remember why I didn't - perhaps I only discovered the program towards the end of my course! My experience inspired me to go on to Chelsea College and take a PGCE in secondary Maths education. This didn't lead to me working in schools - I have worked at Brighton Poly/University of Brighton since 1985...but I have continued to enjoy collaborating with schools and now help out with IT & Maths at my local primary school on a voluntary basis.”

Richard Elwen
Mechanical Engineering

Participated in Pimlico during 1982-1985

“I participated in Pimlico Connection for the full three years whilst at College. I tutored technical studies at Holland Park Comprehensive and have pleasant memories of my time there. Certainly, it has stood me in good steed in being able to explain technical ideas to people later in my career. I ended up as a co-ordinator at Holland Park for two years and my last year in college I was Pimlico Connection Chairman.”

Krishna Thakrar
Electrical Engineering

Participated in Pimlico in 1979

“I took part at the Holland Park School in Kensington assisting with 4th form science and 6th form Physics. The 6th form were a pleasure to tutor, the 4th form initially being problematic soon took to us younger ‘teachers’ and this became fun too.”

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