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G.A. Mohajer and Esmaeli Esbati

(Petroleum Engineering, 1961; Civil Engineering, 1988)
remember their time at Imperial

Listen the interview here or read the transcript below:

G.A Mohajer: I had a friend who was with me and at the end of the year, he didn't want to attend the exam. I told him, you come with me and we can go through the old lectures, then you can be successful and he succeeded. Not quite sure I helped him.

Interviewer: What was it like for you being an international student at the Imperial College, how did you find that?

G.A Mohajer: Oh, in that time we had one from Pakistan and others, I don't remember. There were three from Iran and one from Pakistan; the rest is mostly from Great Britain.

Interviewer: Has the campus changed a lot, for you since the 80s?

Esmaeil Esbati:College Main Entrance in 2000 Not really, I think only the new entrance they put in front of the Mechanical Engineering Department. So, that's it, that's the new thing. I think they have put something in between, some buildings maybe, some flooring or something. But generally, it's not changed, to my point of view, except this tent, which is temporary; I believe they are going to remove it after this occasion. But, I remember when I first came here, you know, when you come all the departments have some introduction. So, I didn't know where I had to go so I went to one of those introduction theatres, I think it was for freshers. I was doing my masters basically so, I went and all these young students compared to me, they were just coming from high school and they were doing so many funny things in that ceremony.
Photo above: College Main Entrance in 2000

Filming by Barbara Axt Portella.

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