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Professor Brian Morgan

remembers life in the Physics Department in the 1960s.

Brian MorganBrians memories of discipline in the department -
Listen to the interview, or read the transcript below:

“There wasn’t much discipline in the department except Patrick Blackett was in charge and he was so austere that everyone was terrified of him. He made rules you couldn’t make these days. For instance, students weren’t allowed to be in the lifts unless they were going above Level 5 because unless they were going up for tutorials which were above Level 5, he thought they were just making a nuisance of themselves. I actually saw him throw a boy out once. A lad got into the lifts, and he said “where are you going?”. And he said “I’m going up to the Level 4 laboratories, Professor”. And Blackett said, ”Are you crippled?” - “No Professor”- “…then get out!”. And you didn’t argue with him!”
Photo right: Brian Morgan

Brians memories of studying in the 1950s -
Listen to the interview, or read the transcript below:

1950s class photograph“There’s a picture of the third year class that I was in, in which we’re all sat looking terrible bored – and I do know who the lecturer was – wearing jackets and ties, collars neatly fitted. Almost no-one in sight is wearing anything less than a collar, tie and jacket. And sitting very straight and nobody is lounging! Nobody is smoking – and that was unusual because smoking was allowed and all the lecture theatres had cigarette ash trays in the desks. Everyone wrote down as far as they could every word the lecturer said – and you were expecting to have to reproduce those words for your examinations. Sometimes that didn’t always work out!”
Photo left: 1950s class

Interviewed by Dr Tariq Ali, Director of the Energy & Environment Office.

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