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Colin Waldron

(Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1975)
The story behind the picture...

Brendan ClementsIt was a great privilege to have one of my photographs on the cover of the last issue of Imperial Matters (Issue 29). The guy in the photo was the head barman at the time, Brendan Clements, who ran an ‘institution’ throughout the seventies – with many an internal battle between the competing college bars of Southside (Stan’s Bar), College Block (Alan’s Bar) and of course the Union – the only real bar.
Photo right: Brenden Clements

I worked in all of them during my time and the ‘bar birthdays’ wee one of the many annual events to add to the culture of the day.

My name can be found on at least three of the Union tankards, being in second place on my most prized – the Holbein Award for Sport of the Year. I was one of that elite crew who got elected to a Union position (City and Guilds Vice-President 1974-75). However, a minor contretemps with the examiners did not permit that to happen and full-time Union bar work followed. The photo was taken during this period when I was working there full-time in early 1975.

I have many more wonderful memories of Imperial: Climbing races round the outside of Southside, Morphey day early morning visits to Billingsgate for the rotten fish.

Or just the water bombing in Beit Quad on Pancake day - climbing the Union Arch, getting accosted by Selfridges Security for Tiddly Winking into the Lift during Rag Collection.

Then there are all the stories of "The Trophies" pinned up behind the Union Bar from the days when it was still men only - best not go there! The great Rock Concerts that were held in the Great Hall and the Union Hall - I still have many of the ticket stubs from Family, Chuck Berry, Sanatana and Susie Quattro.

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