To mark the end of the four year MEng programme in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and for many, the end of university life, a two-day Student Conference is held each year at the end of June.

It provides an opportunity for this year’s graduates to present the results of their research, carried out in the final year over a period of four months, to an audience of academic staff, industry, postgraduate researchers, and fellow undergraduates, in the form of a poster and an oral presentation.  The Conference offers an excellent way to showcase the skills of our final year students as well as the diversity of research undertaken within the departmental Sections of Environmental and Water Resource Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Geotechnics, Structures and Transport, and a copy of the Conference Schedule for each Section is listed below.

The event closed with an Awards ceremony at which the best student oral presentations, by Section, were recognised.  This year’s winners (2017) were:

Poster no# and StudentPoster and titleSection
E13 - Jessica Charter Transitioning the built environment towards a circular economy
Supervised by: Grimes, S.M. 
Environmental Engineering (EWRE)
F07 - Niruthavignesh Sundararajah Urban Trees: are they improving our air quality
Supervised by: van Reeuwijk, M.
Fluid Mechanics
G03 - Ling Xin (Celine) Wong Experimental evaluation of the collapsibility of unsaturated brick-earth
Supervised by: Standing, J.R.
S14 - Margherita Perona Geometrical configuration and structural response of cable-stayed bridges with curved pylons
Supervised by: Ruiz-Teran, A.   
T21 - Mun Chun Mah

Development of mobile application for measuring vehicle ride comfort and road surface quality
Supervised by: Stettler, M. 

2017 Student Conference: Poster prize winners
Summary of the table's contents

UG4 Student Conference 2017 Posters

Environmental Engineering (EWRE)

Poster no# and StudentTitleSupervisor(s)
E01 - Eric Cen Foong Looi An evaluation of temperature controls on dissolved oxygen dynamics in a chalk river Butler, A.
E02 - Thilanka Jayasekera
What controls the changing water quality of the little sea on the South Haven Peninsular, Dorset? Butler, A.
E03 - Aaron Roberts Optimisation of glass ceramics from waste materials Cheeseman, C.R.
E04 - Wendy Zhou Low-carbon materials made from sodium silicate bonded sand Cheeseman, C.R.
E05 - Pei Zhen Cheah Development of lightweight, water-absorbing cement-based granules Cheeseman, C.R.
E06 - Shizhuo Song  Properties of chicken feather fibre reinforced magnesium silicate hydrate (M-S-H) cement mortars  Cheeseman, C.R.; Zhang 
E07 - Ka Hei Chan  Evaluating the relationship between river water quality parameters and their impacts on drinking water treatment  Graham, N; Templeton, M.R. 
E08 - Siyu Lu Assessment of water quantity and quality of roof harvested rainwater in South East England  Greetham, M.  
E09 - Jeen Foo  Management of wastewater treatment assets: cost-performance modelling of secondary gravity separation units Greetham, M.  
E10 - Sohel Farwaji Steps towards an integrated solid waste management system for the Palestinian district of Nablus Grimes, S.M. 
E11 - Shikang He  Metal air batteries: an alternative to the conventional battery storage systems  Grimes, S.M.
E12 - Ahmed Zouanat Renewable energy initiatives in Morocco and the role integrated solid waste management could play in contributing to these initiatives Grimes, S.M.
E13 - Jessica Charter Transitioning the built environment towards a circular economy Grimes, S.M.
E14 - Annamalai Ramanathan Inclusion of groundwater markets and sharecropping in a socio-hydrological model in Northern India and its application in the context of sustainable development goals Mijic, A.
E15 - Yingsi Huang Urban groundwater - sewer infiltration assessment Mijic, A.
E16 - Dian Lim The cost benefit and renewable energy contribution of domestic photovoltaic systems Smith, S.R.
E17 - Yiting Yin  Potential synthetic biology application in wastewater treatment for process optimisation and resource recovery Smith, S.R.
E18 - Aiman Farhan Bin Johari How Disinfection efficiency of chlorine on antibiotic resistant bacteria in drinking water Templeton, M.R.
E19 - Chenyu Liao Banana peel extracts as natural biocides for water disinfection and other hygienic applications Templeton, M.R.
Environmental Engineering (EWRE)
Environmental Engineering (EWRE)

Fluid Mechanics

Poster No# and StudentTitleSupervisor(s)
F01 - Darren Zhi Wei Tan Dynamics of sheet-flow sediment transport in the swash zone Alsina, J.
F02 - Arvind Chockalingam The Influence of wave grouping on runup predictions in highly dissipative beach conditions Alsina, J.
F03 - Samuel Wetherell
Lagrangian tracking of micro-plastics in coastal areas Alsina, J.
F04 - Ruoqi Lin Catastrophes in natural ventilation Craske, J.; Hughes, G.
F06 - Frederick Wong Necking behaviour of large-area lazy plumes van Reeuwijk, M.
F07 - Niruthavignesh Sundararajah Urban trees: are they improving our air quality? van Reeuwijk, M.
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics


Poster No# & StudentTitleSupervisor
G01 - Derek Kin Chung So Numerical analysis of fault rupture propagation in strain softening materials Kontoe, S.
G02 - Inigo Garmendia How does liquefaction evolve in soils? O'Sullivan, C. 
G03 - Ling Xin Celine Wong Experimental evaluation of the collapsibility of unsaturated brickearth Standing, J.R.
G04 - Han Yang Long-term tunnelling- induced ground response at St. James's Park, London Standing, J.R.
G05 - Ryan Yin Wai Liu Computational study on factors influencing the design of thermo-active piles Taborda, D.
G06 - Ben Mantell Numerical modelling of the thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviour of a deep shaft Taborda, D.
G07 - Wei Jian Ng Numerical study on the effects of vegetation and drainage system on the serviceability and stability of railway cut slopes in the UK Tsiampousi, A. 
G08 - Julia Moller Numerical modelling of tunnelling beneath Elizabeth House Tsiampousi, A.Standing, J.R.
G09 - Camelia Dominguez Numerical modelling of wind turbine monopile foundations in a sand soil Zdravkovic, L.
Environmental Engineering (EWRE)


Poster No# and StudentTitleSupervisor(s)
S01 - Ka Chun Lai Capacity and ductility of mechanical splices in reinforced concrete and composite structures Elghazouli, A.
S02 - Thomas Fenning Modelling of bond behaviour in normal and rubberised concrete Elghazouli, A.
S03 - Weison Low Behaviour and design of high strength steel elements Gardner, L.
S04 - Behnam Behzadi Sofiani Study of laser-welded stainless steel I-sections subjected to concentrated transverse loading Gardner, L.
S05 - Henry Leventhorpe Behaviour of steel plates subjected to localised blast loads Louca, L.
S06 - Christina Barbas Numerical investigation of multi-span masonry arch bridges Macorini, L. 
S07 - Marco Lok Fung Cheng Motion-control through supplemental rotational inertia  Malaga-Chuquitaype, C
S08 - Jeremy Ilkanaev Dynamic behaviour of digitally-manufactured wooden beams with integrated resonators  Malaga-Chuquitaype, C
S09 - Xiting Huang Connection characteristics in predictive models of bone structure  Phillips, A.T.M
S10 - Samuel Soh A holistic approach to structural optimisation  Phillips, A.T.M
S11 - Maurice Zard A parametric approach to the optimisation of structural and architectural topology  Phillips, A.T.M 
S12 - Jayneil Master Computational adaptation of the vertebral body to investigate the effects of ageing on bone structure  Phillips, A.T.M 
S13 - Safia Dziri Comparison of regular and irregular optimized lattice networks  Phillips, A.T.M 
S14 - Margherita Perona Geometrical configuration and structural response of cable-stayed bridges with curved pylons  Ruiz-Teran, A.   
S15 - Jorge Ales De Sanmillan Improved design methods for shear in reinforced concrete slabs  Vollum, R. 
S16 - Luke Houghton Interactive buckling in thin-walled lipped channel sections  Wadee, A. 
S17 - Chris Self Instabilities in graphene sheets  Wadee, A.Gardner, L. 
S18 - Simon Sin Wong Post-buckling strength of thin-walled square hollow section struts  Wadee, A.Gardner, L. 
S19 - Hock Im Kee Studying the influence of spacers on the formation of passive film around steel reinforcement using micro X-ray fluorescence and laser scanning confocal microscopy Wong, H.S.  
Environmental Engineering (EWRE)


Poster No# and StudentTitleSupervisor(s)
T01 - Naveeth Basheer Optimal selection of aerial drone depot locations for humanitarian response Angeloudis, P.
T02 - Timothy Haughton Dynamic pricing of competitive autonomous taxi services Angeloudis, P.
T03 - Moh'd Khaled Abdulhamid Network modelling and robustness assessment of container liner services Angeloudis, P.
T04 - Anna Feledi The use of unmanned aerial vehicles in goods deliveries Angeloudis, P.
T05 - Mark Wong High-speed railways’ impacts on the aviation industry Graham, D.J.
T06 - Daniel Casas Bofarull Causal econometric modelling of the impact of transport interventions: evidence for the high-speed rail Madrid-Barcelona corridor Graham, D.J.
T07 - Sergi Quingles Optimal dynamic pricing of morning commuting in an agent based public transport simulation Graham, D.J.; Hörcher
T08 - Jordana White Analysis of the economic impact of incidents and temporal variation of delays on the London Underground using big data Graham, D.J.
T09 - Annabel Drauschke Microsimulation analysis of metro station opening in Ramenki District, Moscow Han, K.
T10 - Zizhe Yuan Prediction of shared bike usage in London based on long-short term memory Han, K.
T11 - Yaoyuan Zhang Convolutional LSTM network for large-scale urban traffic prediction using GPS trajectory data Han, K.
T12 - Keong Yeen Yeoh Analysis of fixed wing aircraft ditching accidents in the United States of America from 1990 to 2016 Majumdar, A.
T13 - Jed Poole  Analysis of weather-related aviation occurrence characteristics in the United States of America between 2013 and 2016  Majumdar, A. 
T14 - Yuqi Shao  The resilience of air traffic management system: an approach using incident analysis  Majumdar, A.
T15 - Jiajie Liu Assessment of the atmospheric and multipath errors on GPS pseudorange positioning for railway applications Ochieng, W.
T16 - Zunhan Yang GPS measurement precision analysis for legacy and new signals Ochieng, W.
T17 - Xinran Liu  Mathematical modelling of social influences on travel demand and behaviour Sivakumar, A.
T18 - Marvin Lo A scoping study on air passenger travel demand modelling Sivakumar, A.Polak, JW.
T19 - Yuang Shen Modelling the choice of travel mode in developing countries: a stated preference study in China Sivakumar, A.
T20 - James Uri  How travel information affects disrupted travel behaviour - an investigation using ROC curves  Sivakumar, A. 
T21 - Mun Chun Mah  Development of mobile application for measuring vehicle ride comfort and road surface quality  Stettler, M.  
T22 - Jed Stephen Variation of personal exposure to black carbon in street canyons in London  Stettler, M.  
T23 - Erfan Abdollahei Personal exposure to pollution across different urban environments in London: the relationship between black carbon and lung deposited surface area Stettler, M. 
T24 - Tamara Nussbaum The transition from the project to operations: evidence from three major infrastructure projects Whyte, J.
T25 - Stian Rosstad  Planning for commissioning and handover of major projects: A case study on tideway Whyte, J.