The aims of the Scientific Management Board are:

To contribute to the development and strategy of all activities undertaken by ICTU and facilitate effective, efficient and regulatory compliant delivery of the research portfolio.

To help drive the implementation of new processes and initiatives which support the day to day function of the Unit and regularly review the status of core resources and infrastructure to ensure optimal capacity for ongoing expansion.

To ensure that the ICTU portfolio reflects the overarching research strategies of the Unit and all collaborative partners.  


 Professor Neil Poulter  ICTU Director / Chair
 Professor Kosh Ray  ICTU Deputy Director
 Dr Daphne Babalis  ICTU Director of Operations
 Mrs Amanda Bravery  ICTU Head of ICT-ICTU
 Dr Victoria Cornelius  ICTU Head of Statistics
 Dr Graham Wheeler  ICTU Deputy Head of Statistics
 Mrs Eloise Britten  ICTU Quality Assurance Manager
 Dr Claire Smith  ICTU Business Development Manager
 Professor Mike Seckl  Cancer Lead
 Professor Anthony Gordon  Emergency & Critical Care Lead
 Professor Hash Ahmed  Surgery Lead
 Professor Peter Sever  Cardiovascular Lead
 Professor Wisia Wedzicha  Respiratory Lead
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