Adam Townsend, Mathematics and CM Hub and Krishna Gopalakrishnan, Mechanical Engineering and CM Hub


Course description

This class teaches the fundamentals of C++. C++ is an object-oriented programming language that has both high- and low-level features. It is typically used to produce fast code, but at the expense of a steep learning curve.  This course is designed for beginners to C++, but expects some programming experience in another language. 

You can bring your own laptop; Windows users will need a secure shell client installed (e.g. putty  https://www.putty.org ). 



  • Where C++ sits among other programming languages / mathematical software
  • What is a compiled language? 
  • Hello world!
  • Use of variables
  • Basic arithmetic
  • Saving and reading data
  • Types
  • Loops
  • Writing and calling simple functions
  • Debugging
  • Discussion of libraries you might want to investigate to do mathematics



Please register for March 14, 15 and 20, 2019 (this class has three parts).