malagaDr Christian Málaga-Chuquitaype  (c.malaga@imperial.ac.uk )

South Kensington Campus, SKEM 322

 Tel: +44 (0)20 7594 5007 - Office hours: Friday 3-4 pm


PhD Students


Cagatay Demirci (c.demirci14@imperial.ac.uk)

BS, Pamukkale (Turkey)MSc, UCL (UK)

Research project:   Seismic response of multi-storey cross-laminated timber (CLT) buildings

fridaysFirdaus Abdol Kalary (f.abdol-kalary15@imperial.ac.uk)

BEng, MEng, UT Malaysia

Research project:   Response of CLT structures to blast loads and progressive collapse

leenaLeena Tahir Kibriya (l.kibriya16@imperial.ac.uk)

BSc, Toronto (Canada), MSc, City (UK)

Research project:   Damage-avoidance rocking structural frames

zhanZhan Lyu (z.lyu15@imperial.ac.uk)

BEng, Harbin (China), MSc, Tongji (China)

Research project:   Dynamic response of innovative post-tensioned timber bridges


Luis Fernando Sirumbal Zapata (l.sirumbal-zapata14@imperial.ac.uk)

BEng, UNI (Peru), MSc, TU Delft (Netherlands)

Research project:   Advanced damage modelling for seismic assessment of timber structures 

 adeAdeyanju Teslim-Balogum (adeyanju.teslim-balogun13@imperial.ac.uk)

BEng, Lagos (Nigeria), MSc, Imperial (UK)

Research project:   Structural response of tall steel buildings to post-blast fires 

 rodrigoRodrigo Thiers Moggia (r.thiers16@imperial.ac.uk)

BEng, MSc, UFSM (Chile)

Research project:   Response modification systems for tall timber buildings

Visiting Students

  • Daniele Reale, Politecnico di Bari (Italy), Research project: Seismic response of steel buildings
  • Jasmine Stragapede, Politecnico di Torino (Italy), Research project: Structural implementation of inerters in steel structures
  • Carlos Menéndez Vicente, RWTH Aachen (Germany), Research project: Structural implementation of motion-control devices

MSc Students

  •  Emily Peper, Progressive collapse analysis of cross laminated timber structures
  • Jingren Wu, Seismic response of tall and slender steel structures

MEng Students

  •  Teo Marcel, Use of 3D printed Japanese-inspired joints in modern timber construction
  • Ruoheng Zhan, Optimization of novel wooden beams with vibration absorbers

Past Visiting Researchers

  • Umut Almac, Seismic response of masonry structures timber-lacings. (Assist. Prof. Istanbul Technical University, Turkey)
  • Daia Zwicky, Wooden structures. (Head of the Institute for Building and Environmental Technologies at the Fribourg University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland)


  • Vasileios Karagiannis (PhD 2017), Behaviour of hybrid timber-steel beam-to-column connections
  • Manousos Psaltakis (MSc 2017), Assessment of acceleration demands through low-order building models
  • Hend Tubaila (MSc 2017), Equivalent viscous damping for performance-based design of rocking CLT walls
  • Xiao Pan (MSc 2017), External resonators for seismic control of monumental structures
  • Yiwei Hu (MSc, 2017), Influence of alternative degradation modelling strategies on the seismic response of RC columns
  • Mohammed Abdelhadi (MSc 2016), Avanced Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT) stability systems, in collaboration with Ramboll UK
  • Manon Dangelser (MSc 2016), Impact of building type on seismic losses considering environmental costs
  • Yara Achcouty (MSc 2016), Modelling fatigue induced collapse of RC bridge piers
  • Bryan Carroll (MSc 2015), Performance of Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT) subjected to fires
  • Konstantinos Bougatsas (MSc 2015), Probabilistic seismic assessment of alternative building systems.
  • Shijia Yang (MSc 2015), Interaction between ground motion characteristics and structural model in nonlinear dynamic analysis.
  • Ishan Abeisekara (MSc 2014), Dynamic response of tall timber buildings. ★ First Prize for MSc research from the IStructE
  • Katerina Zographou (MSc 2014), Dimensional response analysis of regular and irregular RC frames