Session 1 Chair: Andy Cowburn

14:00 Courtney Chatterton-Bartley – Vascular Sciences, NHLI, Medicine: Post-transcriptional mechanisms of Tissue Factor expression
14:15 Luke Cave – Vascular Science, NHLI, Medicine: cGMP-mediated macrophage gene regulation as a putative inflammatory pathway
14:30 Fotios Savvopoulos – NHLI, Medicine: Effect of collagen microstructure on the mechanics of coronary arteries
14:45 Pablo Otero Nunez – NHLI, Medicine: Whole Blood RNA Profiles Associated with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and Clinical Outcome
15:00 Alex Ainscough – Vascular Sciences, NHLI, Medicine: Modelling vascular responses in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in a microfluidic pulmonary artery-on-a-chip platform
15:15 Astrid Stroobants – Chemistry, Natural Sciences and Vascular Sciences, NHLI: Using molecular dynamics to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the regulatory activity of the transcription factor ERG

15:30 Break

Session 2 Chair: Lan Zhao

15:45 Kelly de Coteau – Vascular Sciences, NHLI, Medicine: Transcriptional mechanisms that regulate endothelial cell lineage identity
16:00 Yousuf Salmasi – Surgery and Cancer, Medicine: In vivo blood flow parameters can predict at-risk aortic aneruysms and dissection: A comprehensive biomechanics model
16:15 Adam Hartley –Vascular Sciences, NHLI, Medicine: Major vascular surgery results in increased plasma oxidized LDL accompanied by loss of anti-oxidized LDL antibodies: links to an adverse cardiovascular outcomes
16:30 Samata Pandey – Chemical Engineering and Vascular Sciences, NHLI, Medicine: Engineering antibodies for targeting atherosclerosis
16:45 Cinzia Marceddu – Vascular Sciences, NHLI, Medicine: Pretargeted PET imaging of atherosclerosis using antibodies

17:00 Close

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