Unfortunately, this weeks seminar has been cancelled, sorry for the inconvenience.  Please join us next week, where Carlota Bozal-Ginesta will be speaking about Charge Accumulation Kinetics in Multi-Redox Molecular catalysts on TiO2 for Solar Fuels Generation on Thursday 18th June at 3pm.

Commercial applications of soft strain sensors in healthcare

15.00 11 June on MS Teams.

To join team, search for “CPE Seminars”

The CPE Soft Electronic Materials is a seminar series funded by the CPE for PhDs, PostDocs and Fellows to present their research to open up discussion and collaboration. We aim to have speakers from all groups and areas of research within the CPE.

Michael Kasimatis
Michael studied Chemistry at Durham University where he received his formal training and developed his interest in functional molecules and materials. He received his second degree in Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine from University College London where he focused on materials research and the functionalisation of artificial implantable organ scaffolds. Michael has worked in healthcare, manufacturing, textiles, and informatics in industrial and startup settings, and taught and performed research in Nanotechnology. He is currently doing his PhD in the Guder Research Group investigating wearable sensors, physiological monitoring, and flexible electronic materials.

Yasin Cotur
Yasin studied his BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Bogazici University where he carried out interdisciplinary projects to apply electronic and analytical tools in biomedicine. Yasin developed a mobile application for a wireless audiometer device, helped establish an EMG control system on the development of a smart and anthropomorphic prosthetic hand and received a master’s degree with a thesis for the detection of brain tumour locations from MRI images. His PhD in Güder Research Group is focused on the development of a wearable device and system for the olfactory recognition events of dogs when they are searching for the odour that they are trained for. He is also developing a breathing wearable device using paper-based sensors in his CTO role at Spyras.