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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an unprecedented impact across the world and now, more than ever, universities, governments, and policymakers are seeing the importance and value that international research, collaboration, and knowledge sharing can bring. Imperial is playing a crucial role in supporting the global response to the current pandemic. 

The next instalment of the Imperial Global Science Policy Forum will offer the opportunity to hear from some of Imperial’s key academics and researchers who are leading the fight against COVID-19.

The event will comprise of individual presentations from our academics followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session. 

The RNA Vaccine 

Professor Robin Shattock, Chair in Mucosal Infection and Immunity, Department of Infectious Diseases

Professor Shattock and his team are working on an RNA vaccine to combat the coronavirus COVID-19. This vaccine is one of two in the UK to receive UK Government funding to fast-track its development.

‘Lab on a Chip’ Diagnostics
Dr Pantelis Georgiou, Reader in Biomedical Electronics, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Dr Georgiou and his team have developed a cutting-edge ‘lab on a chip’ diagnostic platform using microchip technology that can be paired with a smartphone application to rapidly identify whether a person is positive for SARS-CoV-2 RNA from a nasal or throat swab.

The Future of Public Health

Prof. Helen Ward, Professor of Public Health, School of Public Health

Prof. Ward and colleagues have developed the REACT study: a major programme of home testing for COVID-19 to track the progress of the infection across England. The REal-time Assessment of Community Transmission (REACT) programme works with public volunteers and patient advisors to ascertain 1. How widely the virus has spread and 2. The accuracy and ease of self-antibody tests.

Lockdown Innovation: Our Emergency Response

Dr Simon Hepworth, Director of Enterprise

Dr Hepworth will talk about some of the different and inspiring ways in which the innovation community at Imperial has been responding to the pandemic; from volunteers making disposable visors for hospitals, to the design of a low cost emergency ventilator.

Chair: Prof. Maggie Dallman, OBE, Vice President (International), Associate Provost (Academic Partnerships) and Professor of Immunology, Imperial College London.


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