Professor Benou00eet Chachuat


Professor Benoît Chachuat’s research is in the general area of Process Systems Engineering (PSE), with emphasis on global optimization, optimization under uncertainty, real-time operations optimization, and hybrid modeling. His primary research objective is the development of new methods, concepts and tools for the fast and reliable optimization of complex process systems. Applications in the field of process design and operations aim to develop safe, environmentally and economically sustainable processes, including membrane-based processes, low-carbon fuels, low-grade energy recovery, microalgae culture, and resource recovery systems (wastewater, sugarcane).


About CPSE

The Centre for Process Systems Engineering (CPSE) is a multi- institutional research centre. It was inaugurated in August 1989 by Professor Roger W.H. Sargent and involves Imperial College London and University College London. Innovative and dynamic in its approach to research and development, CPSE’s accomplishments include the Queens Prize for Higher Education, presented in 2003 for research excellence and technology transfer. Three spin-out companies have been established. One of these, Process Systems Enterprise Limited (PSE), received the Royal Academy of Engineering’s MacRobert Award in 2007; this is the UK’s highest award for innovation in engineering. The Centre continues to broaden the scope of its activities over all size scales enabling all areas of process systems to be addressed. This enables CPSE to be responsive to the evolving needs of industry and society.