Dr Ainara Aguadero and Dr Federico Pesci

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Molecular Engineering for Next Generation Batteries

The challenge that will be discussed in this session is:

Understanding the Factors Governing the Performance of Garnet Electrolytes in Li Metal Batteries

Join us for this informal webinar with DDr Ainara Aguadero and Dr Federico Pesci. There will be an opportunity for question and answer after the presentation. To join this webinar you must register in advance and you will be emailed the joining instructions for the webinar.


Dr Ainara Aguadero

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials, Senior Lecturer

Ainara is a Senior Lecturer in Materials.Her research focuses on the study of physical and chemical properties in complex oxides, bulk surfaces and interfaces for application in solid state electrochemical devices such as batteries, memristors, fuel cells and electrolysers. Through this she has developed new materials with substantial increased in the performance than those of the current state-of-the-art. She has published over 64 (>2k citations h=25) research papers in this field and holds 1 patent on their applications.Her current research activity is mainly focused in i) Use of surface analysis techniques to evaluate local chemical composition within materials and devices (i.e. batteries and fuel cells) and correlate this to their performance and degradation issues, ii) quantification of ion dynamics (6Li, 18O, D) in complex systems and development of topotactic redox material’s with high oxygen storage capabilities

Dr Federico Pesci

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials, Research Associate

Federico is a post-doctoral research associate in the Department of Materials, investigating on solid state lithium-ion batteries in the Aguadero Research Group. His current research interest lies in the study of the processes occurring in the electrode/electrolyte interfaces, with particular interest in dendrites formation.

From 2016 he is a postdoc representative for the Department of Materials.Before joining the Aguadero research group he worked in the Mattevi research group (Department of Materials, Imperial College London) investigating the optical, electrochemical and photoelectrochemical properties of 2D materials beyond graphene such as MoS2 and WS2 employed as photocatalysts during photoassisted water splitting and CO2 reduction.

Prior to join the Department of Materials, Federico completed a Master in Chemistry with honours from the University of Bologna in 2009 and was awarded a PhD in Chemistry in Imperial College London with a thesis entitled “Metal Oxide Semiconductors Employed as Photocatalysts during Water Splitting” (2014). During his PhD he employed a wide range of spectroscopic techniques such as Transient Absorption Spectroscopy and Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy to investigate the dynamics and the intermediates of reaction involved during photoelectrochemical solar fuels production..

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