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The Inflammation, Repair and Development Section at NHLI is delighted to welcome Professor Irina Udalova from the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology at the University of Oxford. The talk will be chaired by Dr Adam Byrne.

Contact Franz Puttur for details of how to attend online.

IrinaProfessor Udalova’s laboratory over the years has investigated transcriptional regulators of myeloid cells by using state-of-the art functional genomic approaches combined with classical molecular and cellular immunology. Her contributions in the field have unravelled the transcriptional circuitry that control myeloid cell phenotypes in inflammation. Her previous work has led to important discoveries in the filed including the discovery of IRF5 as a molecular switch for inflammatory macrophages and its impacts on both acute and chronic inflammation via modulation of neutrophil infiltration and T-cell responses. In addition, Dr. Udalova’s has revealed that type III IFNs have anti-inflammatory properties and specifically target neutrophil migration and function while continues to understand the underlying molecular mechanisms involved in neutrophil trafficiking during inflammation.

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