The 5th STUOD Sandbox meeting is dedicated to Wave Current Interactions. The event’s programme is provided below:


Chair: Prof Bertrand Chapron

Session I

12.00-12.15 Talk by Dr Evgueni Dinvay (INRIA) on “Surface wave equations under location uncertainty”

12.15-12.30 Talk by Dr Noe Lahaye (INRIA) on “Internal tides in the turbulent ocean

12.30-12.45 Talk by Oliver Street (ICL) on “Wave-current interaction on a free surface” 

12.45-13.00 Talk by Prof Darryl Holm (ICL) on “Wave-current interaction on a free surface (WCIFS)”

13.00-13.15 Talk by Dr Louis Marie (IFREMER) on “Zonal jets growth through Rossby waves phase instability”    

13.15-13.25 Break

Chair: Prof Etienne Memin

Session II

13.25-13.55 Talk by Prof Jacques Sainte-Marie (INRIA) on “Waves and/versus advection – Asymptotic expansion, analytical solutions & hyperbolicity

13.55-14.25 Discussion on the White Paper provided by Prof Jacques Sainte-Marie

14.25-14.45 Wrap – up