Please join us on 22nd January from 11:00 for the BRC Genetics and Genomics Seminar Series hosted by Inês Cebola.

We are excited to host our speaker Dr Diego Villar (Lecturer in Genomics at the Blizard Institute in London), his talk is

“The interplay between epigenomic enhancer conservation and cardiovascular disease variants”.

Dr. Diego Villar obtained his PhD in Madrid on the biochemical and gene expression response to hypoxia. He then trained as a postdoc in the Odom laboratory at Cambridge University, where he characterised the evolution of regulatory regions in mammals with genome-wide methods. He is currently a Lecturer in Genomics at the Blizard Institute in London and a BHF Intermediate Fellow. His group at Queen Mary focuses on genomic and functional investigations of gene regulation and its impact on cardiovascular phenotypes.

Please join us via the link below. Please make sure to mute yourself when entering. If we observe bandwidth issues, we may be asking attendees to turn off their cameras for the talks themselves. We would like to encourage attendees to unmute themselves when asking questions.

Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/97341448378?pwd=L3JHUkphUEJtdlh0bGZlMTBTNURadz09 

Meeting ID: 973 4144 8378

Passcode: aY1CFA