Seismic cloak

The conference co-organised with the support of the and the Groupes de Recherche (GdR) META and MECAWAVE, aims at gathering European partners, academic and industrial, to discuss and exchange views on acoustic and mechanical metamaterials.

The conference is structured around 5 plenary lectures given by Andrea Alu (City University of New-York), Habib Ammar i(ETH Zurich), Steven Cummer (Duke University), John Pendry (Imperial College London) and John Willis (Cambridge University), as well as 3 Master classes delivered by Mathias Fink (Institut Langevin, Paris), Ross McPhedran (Sydney University) and Martin Wegener (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). The conference also includes 35 invited talks and poster sessions covering a broad range of topics in PDEs, numerical analysis, acoustics, mechanics of materials, mechanics of solids and vibrations.

The conference will cover fundamental and industrial activities of acoustic and mechanical metamaterials ranging from applied mathematics and theoretical mechanics to more applied researches in control of vibrations, from low (seismic) to high (ultrasonic) frequencies.

Information about the event and details on how to register can be found on the conference website.