Taking payments online

The Online Store service is an easy way for you to take payments from your customers.

Product pages cater for simple products, like mugs, gifts, clothing, admin fees and document ordering. Additional features allow you to capture booking and registration details for conferences, events and short courses. For customers, making a purchase is safe and secure, and uses a familiar online shopping cart experience.

Payments made using the store are automatically sent to your finance code and a copy of the transaction is sent to you. Information on sales and bookings is accessible via excel compatible reports. Setting up a course or adding a product to the store is easy, just contact us using one of the forms below.

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To find out how you can set up a payment page in the Online Store please contact:

Helen Wilkes (h.wilkes@imperial.ac.uk)

Desmond Samuel (d.samuel@imperial.ac.uk)
Adam Piccolo (a.piccolo@imperial.ac.uk)

Natural Sciences
Sean Conner (s.conner@imperial.ac.uk),
Claudia Cannon (c.cannon@imperial.ac.uk)

Business School / Support Services
Treasury (treasury@imperial.ac.uk)