Francesca was awarded a student research grant from the SFPE Foundation, the money will be used to partially fund large-scale experiments that will be running at ITB Poland in spring/summer 2021. These experiments will investigate the mechanical performance of curtain wall facades exposed to non-uniform heating from fire. 

News from Hazelab

El-Shanawany medal

El-Shanawany Memorial Prize

Eirik was awarded the Dr Ashraf Ben El-Shanawany Memorial Prize! Dr El Shanawany was an Engineering Doctorate student at Imperial College, who died in 2017, shortly after finishing his thesis entitled Uncertainty Quantification in Probabilistic Safety Analysis. The prize is awarded for outstanding achievement in research, public outreach, and innovation with focus on safety. We are proud of Eirik and honoured for this medal.

News from Hazelab

wildfire cars

Evacuation from Wildfires grant

Imperial Hazelab is part of two research grants recently won to simulate the evacuation from wildfires. Funders are NIST in USA and RAEng (Safer Complex Systems). In the context of the ferocious wildfires in the West Coast, especially in California and Oregon, and when 500 thousand people have been evacuated from their homes, a computational tool that allows for better and faster evacuations is essential. This is a collaboration of Hazelab group with University of Lund (Sweden) . Movement Strategies (UK), RMIT (Australia), NRC (Canada) and NFPA (USA).