On this page you will find videos and links to articles, demonstrating some of the work we get up to at Imperial Hazelab. Enjoy!

What Really Sank the Titanic?


Click here to find out about some new evidence as to what sunk the titanic.

Fire Science at Imperial Festival

25/04/2017, 28/04/2017, 10/05/2017

Check out the links below to read about what we got up to at the 2017 Imperial Festival, or check out our videos.

Fire Tornados and Robots

Behind The Scenes

The Fun Side of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Visits Caterpillar Facilities


See what some of the department got up to when they visited Caterpillar's research and design centre.

Studying the Great Fire of London


A few members of Hazelab were in a documentary on channel 5 about the Great Fire of London. Check it out.

Women in Mechanical Engineering


Our own Izabella talks about her work in this article on women in mechanical engineering.

Detecting Landmines in Peat Soil


 Check out some work done by Hazelab members to help detect landmines buried in peat.

Our Glorious Reader Promoted

29/08/2017, 06/09/2017

Guillermo has been promoted to professor. Check it out here and here.

See the difference it makes when flame-retardants are added to a material.

Material Flammability Matters

See the difference it makes when flame-retardants are added to a material.

Sirocco fire-whirl, Francesco Restuccia, Hazelab, Imperial Festival 2017

Sirocco Fire-Whirl

A short demonstration of Hazelab's fire-whirl, Sirocco. Given by our own Francesco Restuccia. Part of Imperial Festival 2017.

Francesco Restuccia, Imperial Festival 2017, Podcast

Imperial Festival Podcast

Francesco made it to the festival podcast. Have a little listen at 4:50.

Imperial Festival Highlights with Guillermo Rein, Fire, Hazelab

Imperial Festival

We had a fantastic time at Imperial Festival 2017. It was great fun letting people know a bit about what we do. Check out the highlights here, with a guest appearance from Guillermo!

Hazelab, Guillermo Rein, Smouldering Megafires, Pint of Science, Robots on Fire

Reducing the Burden of Smouldering Megafires

Dr Guillermo Rein and some of the Hazelab team talk on the subject of smouldering megafires at Pint of Science 2016.

Great job guys!