Health and wellbeing

Why do Dry January?

There are loads of reasons for taking part in Dry January, here are just a few:

  • Reset your relationship with alcohol - realise you don't need it
  • New year, new you - do Dry January and feel healthier and happier as you sleep better, your skin improves and you loose weight
  • More money in your pocket (the average person spends £50,000 on booze in their lifetime)
  • Get healthier - Royal Free Hospital found that after an alcohol-free month, study participants had lost an average of 3Kg and had reduced liver fat, blood glucose levels and cholesterol. Listen to the programme
  • Amazing sense of achievement!

Why sign up? People who sign up are more likely to stay dry for the whole month. That’s because when you sign up, you receive personalised advice and support. Find out more:

  • Drinkaware - calculate units & calories
  • OneYou - offers a range of wellbeing apps
  • Don't bottle it up - take the alcohol test to work out how risky your drinking is, access personalised advice online and find out where you can get support locally
  • Dry January - helps you keep track of your month with features like a calorie calculator, unit tracker and tool to show how much you’ve saved

Alice Gast

A message from our President, Professor Alice Gast 

“Imperial College London has talented staff members who put their full energy and passion into their work and are committed to excellence.  Our collective strength is central to fulfilling our mission.

In our College Strategy we recognise the importance of the wellbeing of all of our people and we are actively promoting good mental health and a healthy work-life balance.”

Professor Alice Gast

Time to Talk Day

Time to Talk DayOn 2nd February was Time to Talk Day and the Library hosted a craftercise lunchtime. There was paper folding, colouring in, beginners learning to knit, and expert knitters conducting a masterclass. All accompanied by plenty of chat.

Comments ranged from, “who’s got the red pencil?” to “I’ve learnt a new skill!” and most commonly, “when can we do this again?” So, it is proposed that we do a monthly lunchtime activity. Suggestions ranged from walking (when the weather is good), to visiting an exhibition in one of the museums, cake decorating and a game of Frisbee in the park. In the meantime there is still demand to keep the craft club going so the next meeting will be in March.