• Neil Ferguson

    Neil Ferguson

    Personal details

    Neil Ferguson Professor of Mathematical Biology

    Research interests

    Infectious disease epidemiology (notably mosquito-borne infections and emerging infections), mathematical and computational modelling applied to understanding disease transmission and control, real-time outbreak analysis.  

Neil Ferguson uses mathematical and statistical models to investigate the processes shaping infectious disease pathogenesis, evolution and transmission. One focus is on the use of models as contingency planning tools for emerging human infections (such as Zika, Ebola, MERS and pandemic influenza), bioterrorist threats and livestock outbreaks. He also leads a research programme on the dynamics and control of vector-borne diseases (Zika, dengue, yellow fever and malaria). Neil is a member of the National Academy of Medicine of the USA, Senior Investigator of the National Institute of Health Research, a Fellow of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences and holds the UK honour of an OBE for his contributions to disease control. He advises the UK and US governments, WHO and the EU on infectious disease epidemiology, modelling and control.

Deputy Director

  • Katharina Hauck

    Katharina Hauck

    Personal details

    Katharina Hauck Professor in Health Economics

    Research interests

    Reader in Health Economics and Deputy Director of the Jameel Institute , School of Public Health, Imperial College London. She specialises in the economics of infectious diseases and the economic evaluation of complex public health interventions

Katharina Hauck is a Reader in Health Economics and Deputy Director of the Abdul Latif Jameel Institute for Disease and Emergency Analytics (J-IDEA), School of Public Health, Imperial College London. She is specialised in the economics of infectious diseases and the economic evaluation of complex public health interventions. Her research comprises of the core health economics fields of cost-effectiveness analysis, universal health coverage and priority setting. Katharina's broader research interests include the micro- and macro-economic impacts of endemic infectious disease and epidemics, the economics of malaria elimination, health system strengthening, and the role of individual behavior in infectious disease transmission. Her research interests are generally disease cross-cutting, but have mainly focused on the COVID-19 pandemic since February 2020.

Research leads and team

  • Nimalan Arinaminpathy (Nim Pathy)

    Nim Pathy

    Personal details

    Nimalan Arinaminpathy (Nim Pathy) Professor in Mathematical Epidemiology


    Professor Arinaminpathy applies mathematical and statistical tools to study the transmission dynamics of infectious diseases.

  • Anne Cori

    Anne Cori

    Personal details

    Anne Cori Lecturer


    Dr Cori is a mathematical and statistical modeller. Her  research interests lie in developing statistical methods to understand the dynamics of epidemics and inform control policies, using a range of data. She has worked on a variety of infections including MERS, influenza, SARS-CoV-1,  HIV, Ebola, and most recently SARS-CoV-2 .

  • Dr Bin Zhou

    Dr Bin Zhou

    Personal details

    Dr Bin Zhou Research Fellow

    Research interests

    Primarily focused on the intersection between health and environment. I am currently working on the worldwide trends in blood pressure and diabetes, their determinants and treatment coverage, under the NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC). 

  • Dr Patrick Doohan

    Dr Patrick Doohan

    Personal details

    Dr Patrick Doohan Research Associate

    Research interests

    Patrick's research is at the intersection of infectious disease epidemiology and health economics, specifically the development and application of integrated epidemiological-economic models, which allow for the analysis of both health and economic costs of epidemics. Current topics of interest include the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on LMICs 

  • Dr Thomas Rawson

    Dr Thomas Rawson

    Personal details

    Dr Thomas Rawson Research Assistant

    Research interest

    Development and application of novel mathematical modelling approaches to investigate transmission dynamics of infectious diseases. Specialising in stochastic dynamic systems, optimal control theory, and Bayesian inference.

  • Majid Ezzati

    Majid Ezzati

    Personal details

    Majid Ezzati Professor of Global Environmental Health

    Research interests

    Application of methods from statistics, machine learning and epidemiological modelling to complex social, environmental and health data to characterise population health and health inequalities, and to evaluate the impacts of interventions.

  • Edward Gregg

    Edward Gregg

    Personal details

    Edward Gregg Professor of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology

    Research interests

    The factors driving recent trends in the diabetes epidemic and the impact of lifestyle interventions and related health policies on diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and ageing-related outcomes.

  • Timothy Hallett

    Timothy Hallett

    Personal details

    Timothy Hallett Professor of Global Health

    Research interests

    The collateral impact of HIV-intervention on global health and health-systems.

  • Helen Ward

    Helen Ward

    Personal details

    Helen Ward Professor of Public Health

    Research interests

    Conflicting trends in STI epidemics: the varying contribution of pathogen, host and sexual network characteristics.