Dr Santanu Karan discusses some of his research which was published in Science.
Dr Patrizia Marchetti discusses her research.

Professor Andrew Livingston

Professor Andrew Livingston

The Livingston Group's main research interests include the development of novel separation technologies for manufacturing chemicals / (bio)pharmaceuticals. Many of the concepts we work with are based on membrane separations, which is the core expertise of the Group. 

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The Group is a large and diverse group composed of Ph.D. students and Postdoctoral Researchers from a broad range of countries. We offer an interdisciplinary environment where it is possible for researchers to learn about areas outside of their immediate interests and to apply these concepts to their own research.

We are always interested in hearing from ambitious and highly motivated researchers with a keen interest and experience in membrane formation, fundamentals of membrane transport and solvent/membrane/solute interactions, applications for specific organic transformations. 

More information about the researchers in the Group are listed below according to the Group's current research themes.

Current researchers by sub-theme

Membrane Formation

See further information on our work on Membrane Formation.
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Ludmila Peeva

Dr Ludmila Peeva
Research Fellow
Personal web page

Ludmila joined the Group in 1999 and has been involved in several projects involving separation processes, specifically membrane processes, nanofiltration in organic solvents.
Tian-Yin Liu

Dr Tian-Yin Liu
Research Associate
ResearchGate profile

Tian-Yin joined the Group in 2015. His research interests include the structure and properties of functional materials, including the design and fabrication of functional materials with covalent organic framework, zwitterion polymers, carbon nanomaterials, through interfacial polymerization, in-situ polymerization and layer-by-layer assembly. Other interests include membranes for environmental and energy applications, specifically the design and fabrication of microporous membranes for molecular-level separations in environmental (ultrafiltration and nanofiltration, desalination for clean water, forward osmosis, gas separation) and in energy processes (pressure retarded osmosis, capacitive deionization, lithium metal batteries).
 Ethan Butler

Ethan Lovdal Butler
PhD Research Student
Personal web page

After graduating from the University of Connecticut, Ethan studied for his MSc in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College and is currently undertaking a PhD on Molecularly Engineered Membranes for Low-Energy Separations.
Zhiwei Jiang

Zhiwei Jiang
Postdoctoral Research Research Associate
Personal web page

Zhiwei completed his PhD under the supervision of Professor Andrew Livingston in 2016 and then continued as a post doctoral research associate. His research interests include fabrication of reverse osmosis (RO) membrane for low salinity water desalination process including fabrication and modification of synthetic analogue membrane with comparable performance to commercially available membranes. Fouling effect of membrane, design and modifying membrane structure with anti-fouling property, membrane cleaning strategy.
Mahmood Ebrahim

Mahmood Abdulsalam Ebrahim
PhD Research Student
Personal web page

Mahmood joined the Livingston Group in 2014 after graduating from Imperial College in Chemical Engineering. He is undertaking a PhD, funded by the BP International Centre for Advanced Materials. 
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Continuous Processing with OSN


Iterative synthesis with OSN

See further information on our work on Iterative synthesis with Organic Solvent Nanofiltration

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Piers Gaffney

Dr Piers Gaffney
Post Doctoral Research Associate
Personal web page

Piers describes himself as a biological chemist. His targets have included peptides, ribinucleic acids and oligosaccharides: his greatest experience is in the area of phospholipids, especially phosphoinositides. In the Livingston Group, Piers has been applying organic solvent nanofiltration (OSN) to the large scale synthesis of oligoribonucleotides and mono-disperse poly-ethylene glycols.
 Ruijiao Dong

Dr Ruijiao Dong
Post Doctoral Research Associate
Personal web page

Ruijiao joined the Livingston Group as a Research Associate in 2015 having completed his PhD at Shanghai Jiao University in China. His research interests focus on the design, synthesis and bioapplication of functional supramolecular polymers and monodisperse sequence-controlled polymers.
 Jack Cordrey
Jack Cordrey

PhD Student


After completing his MEng at Imperial College in Chemical Engineering, Jack joined the Livingston group in 2017, undertaking a PhD in iterative synthesis of RNA-based therapeutic pharmaceuticals. His work engages in the optimisation and scale-up of phosphoramidite chemistry to compete against current industrial solid phase synthesis.

Dr Danilo Cuccato
Post Doctoral Research Associate

Personal web page

Danilo joined the Livingston Group in April, 2017 from ETH Switzerland to work on iterative synthesis of polymers.

Dr Daeok Kim
Post Doctoral Research Associate

Daeok joined the Livingston Group in May 2017.
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Past members of the Livingston Group 


MARC SCHAEPERTOENS (2012-2017) - PhD Student

Marc's PhD focussed on the iterative synthesis of monodisperse polymers. He looked at the behaviour of cascades to improve the single stage separation performance of the membranes by utilising multi stage configurations.


Patrizia first completed her PhD at Imperial in 2012 whilst at Lonza and then joined the Livingston Group as a research associate. Patrizia's research focused on the synthesis of new advanced nano-particle based membranes for water applications, the characterisation of their structure and performance in aqueous solutions and the understanding of aggregation, adhesion and wetting phenomena at the nanoscale.


João completed a PhD in 2016 in the field of membrane science, focusing on using nanofiltration membranes for organic solvents. He is currently employed by GSK, Stevenage.


Maria completed her PhD on Organic Solvent Nanofiltration membranes for molecular purification in the manufacture of active pharmacuticals ingredients under Andrew Livingston's supervision and then went on to become a postdoctoral researcher in the Group. Maria left the Group in 2016 to join Unilever.


Andreia completed her PhD within The Livingston Group in 2014 and is now a Process Engineer in GSK, Montrose, Scotland.

JEONG KIM (2010-2014) - PHD STUDENT 

After completing his PhD, Jeong joined the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology in South Korea as a Senior Research Engineer.