Note: add 020 759 in front of extensions beginning with 4 for the external phone number

Key contacts

PositionNameExtn NoRoom No
Head of Department Professor David van Dyk 48574 644
Deputy Head of Department Professor Andrew Parry 48537 6M15
Deputy Head of Department Professor Harry Zheng 48539 6M16
Departmental Operations Manager Dr Richard Jones 48480 646
Executive Assistant and Office Manager Mr David Whittaker 48481 645
Research Operations Manager Mrs Rusudan Svanidze 48555 645
Finance Support Cluster

Mr Thupten Dompo
Senior Finance Officer


1110 Blackett

1110 Blackett

649a Huxley

Ms Karolina Duda
Finance Administrator
Mrs Bernice Huang
Finance Administrator
HR Support HR Staff Hub 41001 Level 4, Sherfield Building
Central Office

Mrs Magda Vidler

Ms Barsha Shrestha

48522 649a
Mr Martin Cooper 48483
Education Office Manager Miss Helen Haines 49768



Assessment and Information Administrator Miss Milda Batutiene 48505
Undergraduate Student Office Miss Valerie Nicol
UG Teaching Administrative Assistant



Mrs Donna Pile-Grant
UG Teaching Administrator
Undergraduate Liaison Officer Mrs. Inkeri Hibbins 40800 632
Student Experience Coordinator Ms Sai Yoghananthan TBC 654
Admissions and Exams Administrator Ms Gertrud Levit 48484 631
PG Administrator Ms Lene Hyltoft 48381 651
MSc Administrator Mrs Agnieszka Damasiewicz 42843 652
Mathematical Finance Section Coordinator Mrs Rula Murtada 48487 809 Weeks
Digital Communications Officer Miss Claudia Cannon 48171 Faculty Level 3
Librarian Ms Ann Brew 45736 Central Library
Technical Services Manager and Departmental Safety Officer Mr Andrew Pope 48544
Mob: 07725 159831
Summary of the table's contents

Academic Departmental Officers

PositionNameExtn NoRoom No
Director of UG Studies
(UG curriculum and teaching)
Professor David Evans 49257 661
Senior Tutor
(UG student academic and personal problems, personal tutorial system)
Dr Christopher Ford 49165 657
Director of Ancillary Teaching Dr Pavel Berloff 49662 745
Admissions Tutor Dr Charlotte Kestner TBC 620
Postgraduate Tutor Professor Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen 49853 EEE 1201
Careers Adviser Dr Shahid Mughal 42648 734

Research Sections

SectionPositionNameExtn NoRoom No
Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics Head of Section Professor Grigorios Pavliotis 48369 750
Section Administrator Mr Martin Cooper 48483 649A
Mathematical Finance Heads of Section      
Professor Damiano Brigo 42932 6M45
Section Administrator Mrs Rula Murtada 42843 652
Pure Head of Section Professor Martin Liebeck 48490 665
Section Administrator Ms Barsha Shrestha 48522 649A
Statistics Head of Section Professor Niall Adams 48837 544
Section Administrator Mrs Agnieszka Damasiewicz 42843 652