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Our diverse team of scientists is committed to strengthening the foundations of metabolomics and lipidomics research with the aim of improving its accessibility and value to basic science researchers, clinicians, epidemiologists and the broader public. "

Dr Matthew Lewis

Head of Section

The Section of Bioanalytical Chemistry develops and applies technologies, methods, techniques and tools to enable high fidelity measurement and analysis of the chemical composition of biological systems. Situated within the Division of Systems Medicine and serving the broader Faculty of Medicine, the group advances capabilities for fostering a deeper understanding of the mechanisms and impact of endogenous, microbial, and exposure-related metabolism.

The section houses the National Phenome Centre which serves as Imperial College London’s core resource for human health-focused metabolomics and a hub of analytical and data science proficiency within the UK. Bioanalytical Chemistry also supports the Molecular Phenomics programme of the Imperial Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) which aims to derive clinically actionable insight including diagnostics, therapies, and health monitoring potential from metabolomics and lipidomics data within a systems medicine context.


Key focuses

  • Biological sample handling and preparation methods for clinical matrices
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for metabolic profiling and quantification
  • Chromatographic separations of complex sample matrices
  • Mass spectrometry for metabolic profiling and targeted quantification
  • Molecular imaging for spatially resolved characterisation of tissue metabolite composition
  • Data extraction methods and tools for high fidelity representation of spectrometric data
  • Statistical analysis methods tools for the exploration of metabolic data
  • Metabolite identification and de novo structure elucidation
  • Education in key metabolomics technologies, methods, and data analysis approaches

Facilities and major programmes

Training courses

Dr Matthew Lewis

Section leadership

Head of  Bioanalytical Chemistry - Dr Matthew Lewis

As the Chief Operations Officer for the MRC-NIHR Phenome Centre (NPC), Clinical Phenotyping Centre (CPC), and the Director of Metabolic Profiling  for the Division of Systems Medicine, I am responsible for operational management and oversight of all research collaborations from design to delivery, as well as the development and execution of analytical research strategies.

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