The Musculoskeletal Medical Engineering Centre

With ten initial investigators, the centre has expanded into a research community of more than 30 independent academics focussed on the discovery and application of new technologies to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

The centrepiece of our expanded research activity in the field is the upcoming Michael Uren Biomedical Engineering Research Hub, currently under construction at Imperial’s White City campus. 

A summary of our key achievements inlcude :
  • 419 Peer Reviewed Publications
  • 236 Conference Abstracts
  • 55 New Invention Disclosures
  • 4 Patent Families
  • 2 Spin-outs Companies namely Embody Orthopaedic and Orthonika
  • £108 million in further research support
  • A number of Prestigious Awards and Fellowships
  • Training of  several Early Career Researchers and PhD students
  • Contributing to Team GB's rowing success and improved their overall performance at various Olympic Games

Key MSk MEC Achievements Accordion

Conference Abstracts


Early Career Researchers & PhD students


Further Research Support


New Invention Disclosures


Patent Families


Prestigious Awards and Fellowships


Peer Reviewed Publications


Spin-outs Companies