MRes in Plastic Electronic Materials: We are now accepting applications for October 2020 entry!

The 12-month, 90-ECTS, Bologna-compliant, MRes in Plastic Electronic Materials aims to provide a thorough foundation in the science and application of plastic electronic materials. 

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PhD studentships are available for 2020 Entry

The exciting projects on offer with Prof Ji-Seon Kim in 2020 are detailed below! Please e-mail Ji-Seon Kim for more information.

New PhD Studentships 
FUNDED Project JSK 1:  Flexible organic and hybrid solar cells utilising new photoactive materials
 JSK 1: Flexible Organic Solar Cells Utilising New Electron Acceptors

Project supervisors: Professor Ji-Seon Kim (Imperial) & Dr Diego Bagnis (CSEM Brasil)

The project has a strategic importance for Sustainable Society developing Materials for Renewable Energy, sponsored by EPSRC and Industry. The project aims to develop high efficiency and high stability flexible solar cell devices using newly developed photoactive materials. Such development will be based on fundamental understanding of the main loss mechanisms of solar cell materials and devices, with a particular focus on photophysical processes involved in the generation, trapping, and recombination of photogenerated charge carriers. We will investigate how these processes are influenced by different organic/organic and organic/inorganic interfaces formed in bulk and planar heterojunction solar cell devices. 

Summary of the table's contents
Project JSK 2: Energetics and Carrier Dynamics at Organic and Perovskite Interfaces for Solar Cell Applications














To study the interfacial energetics and photogenerated charge carrier dynamics to identify the origin of performance losses in organic and perovskite solar cells.

Project JSK 3: Printable Organic Biosensors for Noninvasive Diagnostics


 JSK2 : Printable Organic Biosensors for Noninvasive Diagnostics
To develop printable organic biosensors fabricated from solution-processed conjugated polymers for noninvasive diagnoses of exhaled human breath with high sensitivity, responsibility and reliability.
This project will be supervised by Prof Ji-Seon Kim (Physics, Imperial College).  Collaboration with Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST, Korea)